The education process

The process of education is concerned chiefly with the interaction between the teacher and the child together with the classroom practices that occur within the school environment. Peer pressure is also an important factor in shaping a child’s behaviour. Parents within the context of the family and home provide the child with the security, support and guidance necessary for his or her proper intellectual and moral growth. Religion, in the form of monasteries, churches and mosques, also has a great influence on the socialisation of the young. There are close interconnections between the institution of family, the institution of religion and the institution of education. They act as partners in reinforcing the social education of the young. Teachers, parents and religious leaders have a moral responsibility to pass on values and principles to children. Most interventions in the provision of education occur at the policy, structural, school or home levels. More importantly, however, it is what the young people learn from the home and school environments that shapes their personality and character.