Humanities Research Vol XV. No. 2. 2009

Compelling cultures: Representing cultural diversity and cohesion in multicultural Australia

Table of Contents

About the articles
Culture, citizenship and Australian multiculturalism
Australian citizenship
Identity formation at the National Museum of Australia
From multiculturalism for all Australians to Australian multiculturalism
The NMA Review
Re-evaluating Australian citizenship
Author’s note
Migration, social cohesion and cultural diversity
Dimensions for a folding exhibition
Overview of Migration Memories research
Context and issues: ‘Diversity’ and migration exhibitions from multiculturalism to social cohesion
Theoretical frameworks and practical approaches
Creating a dialogic exhibition: Agency, collaboration and imagination
In practice: the personal in historical context
In practice: Artefacts
In practice: the local
But where are you really from?
Liu Xiao Xian’s other lives
Slippage number one: Australian monoculturalism
Hou Leong’s Crocodile Dundee
Slippage number two: Constructions of Australian identity
Owen Leong’s second skin
Slippage number three: Assimilation
Kate Beynon’s where is your original home?
Slippage number four: Australian multiculturalism
Conclusion: But where are you really from?
Acting in a community
Art as action
The bite in the bark
The Saltwater collection
Art action, dialogue and change
From grassroots to national institutions
Moving south
Writing/righting a history of Australian Aboriginal art
Aboriginal art in Australian art histories
Art history and anthropology
Legacies of primitivism
New art histories
Author’s note
Wandjina, graffiti and heritage
Re-purposing the past
Wandering Wandjina
What are Wandjina?
Antiquity of the Wandjina
Contemporary Wandjina art movements
Who has the right to make Wandjina imagery?
The Wandjina mystique
Discussion: Wandjina watching and other responses
Authors’ note