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Aboriginal Placenames

List of Tables

Table 1.1: Aboriginal placenames around Port Jackson and Botany Bay from historical sources. See Figures 1.1 and 1.2 for locations. [All variations in spellings and locations in documents dating up to 1855 are included; only previously unreported placenames with sources and other selected placenames are included from post-1850s documents. Diacritics are as written in original sources. Letters in square brackets with a question mark were written unclearly; words/letters in square brackets are my suggestions for illegible or omitted words or letters.]

Table 1.2: Aboriginal placenames around Port Jackson and Botany Bay from historical sources: names for which a location was not determined or unresolved.

Table 1.3: Port Jackson – Botany Bay: number of Aboriginal placenames recorded in different periods, sources of information and geographic areas. (Note: there are more provenanced placenames than listed in Table 1.1 and shown in Figures 1.1 and 1.2 as more than one name is known for some locations.)

Table 1.4: Aboriginal placenames around Port Jackson and Botany Bay from historical sources: erroneous associations.

Table 2.1: Some Aboriginal terms now in Australian English

Table 2.2: Gamilaraay placenames

Table 2.3: Comparison of actual pronunciations with hypothetical pronunciations based on usual spellings

Table 2.4: The variable phonetics of <o>

Table 2.5: The Sydney Harbour names (adapted from Attenbrow 2001; see also Attenbrow 2002: 9-13; drawing on Troy 1993)

Table 2.6: Phonemic inventory for Dharawal/Dhurga

Table 2.7: The Sydney Harbour names – adoptions and exclusions

Table 5.1 Early spellings of the placename Delegate

Table 5.2: Consonant system and one possible standard way of spelling the sounds

Table 5.3: Consonant spellings used in early sources

Table 5.4: Vowels of Aboriginal languages, with English words illustrating their values

Table 5.5: Linguistic sources for the Canberra and Monaro area

Table 7.1: Rating system for Indigenous placenames

Table 7.2: Information for Linton State Forest (Kostanski and Clark 2004)

Table 8.1: Hopkins River microtoponymy

Table 8.2: Tower Hill microtoponymy

Table 8.3: Lake Boga microtoponyms

Table 9.1: Tindale’s placenames

Table 11.1: List of Aboriginal names which have remained on maps

Table 11.2: List of Aboriginal names superseded by European names

Table 11.3: List of names of places that are unnamed on maps

Table 15.1: Worora-speaking clan countries listed by Love (1935), with phonemic representations

Table 15.2: Other Worora-speaking clan countries

Table 15.3: Worora-speaking clan countries listed by Love (1935), unverified phonemic representations

Table 16.1: Meaning of Eastern Ngumpin -rni

Table 16.2: Distribution of features of placenames in VRD languages

Table 17.1: Categories of placenames proposed and used in Nhulunbuy

Table 19.1: Kurtjar vowels

Table 19.2: Kurtjar consonants

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