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The ADB’s Story


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The Australian National University

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ISBN: 9781925021196 (paperback) 9781925021202 (ebook)

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Cover illustration: Keith Hancock planting an English oak tree on the southern lawn of University House in 1984 to celebrate the house’s thirtieth anniversary. The ‘Hancock oak’, grown from an acorn he brought from Cambridge, commemorates the association between The Australian National University and Cambridge, England. The ADB was another of Hancock’s ‘oaks’. ANUA225-511

The ANU Lives Series in Biography is an initiative of the National Centre for Biography in the History Program in the Research School of Social Sciences at The Australian National University. The National Centre was established in 2008 to extend the work of the Australian Dictionary of Biography and to serve as a focus for the study of life writing in Australia, supporting innovative research and writing to the highest standards in the field, nationally and internationally.
Books that appear in the ANU Lives series will be lively, engaging and provocative, intended to appeal to the current popular and scholarly interest in biography, memoir and autobiography. They will recount interesting and telling life stories and engage critically with issues and problems in historiography and life writing.

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