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The New Pacific Diplomacy


Most of the chapters in this volume were first presented as papers at the Workshop on The New Pacific Diplomacy held at the University of the South Pacific (USP) in early December 2014. We would like to thank the School of Government, Development and International Affairs at the USP and especially Professor Vijay Naidu, then Head of School, for his support for this project. We would also like to thank Sela Epeli and Annie Kaufonongo for their administrative support for the workshop.

ANU Press has been very supportive throughout the publication process. We would especially like to acknowledge Emily Tinker, Publications Coordinator, and Teresa Prowse who designed the cover. We are also indebted to Duncan Beard for his expert copy-editing and to Beth Battrick for the indexing.

We are especially grateful to Professor Stewart Firth of the State Society and Governance in Melanesia Program at the ANU for his constant encouragement and support for the project and the publication.

We would also like to send a vinaka vakalevu to all our students in the postgraduate program in diplomacy at USP who inspired our interest in this topic, not just through their questions and research, but also through our class discussions and debates. Our sincere gratitude also to the various senior Pacific islander intellectuals who addressed our Diplomacy students over the last several years and brought this New Pacific Diplomacy theme to life. They include Kaliopate Tavola, Transform Aqorau, Maureen Penjueli, Dame Meg Taylor, Iosefa Maiava, and Amena Yauvoli.

Last but not least we want to thank Nikolai Tarte and Annie Bartlett for their good-humoured patience and constant love throughout this project.

Greg Fry and Sandra Tarte

Suva, Fiji

12 November 2015

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