Aboriginal History Volume 33

Aboriginal History Monograph Series

Monograph 19, 2009

Aboriginal Placenames: Naming and Re-naming the Australian Landscape

Edited by Harold Koch and Luise Hercus


Monograph 18, 2009

The Two Rainbow Serpents Travelling: Mura Track Narratives from the ‘Corner Country’

Jeremy Beckett and Luise Hercus


Monograph 17, 2008

Indigenous Biography and Autobiography

Edited by Peter Read, Frances Peters-Little and Anna Haebich


Monograph 16, 2008

Transgressions: Critical Australian Indigenous Histories

Edited by Ingereth Macfarlane and Mark Hannah


Monograph 15, 2007

Culture in Translation: The Anthropological Legacy of RH Mathews

Edited by Martin Thomas


Monograph 14, 2007

‘The Axe Had Never Sounded’: Place, People and Heritage of Recherche Bay, Tasmania

John Mulvaney


Monograph 13, 2006

What Good Condition?: Reflections on an Australian Aboriginal Treaty 1986-2006

Edited by Peter Read


Monograph 12, 2005

Peopling the Cleland Hills: Aboriginal History in Western Central Australia, 1850–1980

MA Smith


Monograph 11, 2005

Many Exchanges: Archaeology, History, Community and the Work of Isabel McBryde

Edited by Ingereth Macfarlane


Monograph 10, 2002

The Aboriginal Population Revisited: 70 000 Years to the Present

Edited by Gordon Briscoe & Len Smith

Monograph 9, 2002

The Pajong and Wallabalooa: A History of Aboriginal Farming Families at Blakney and Pud­man Creeks

Ann Jackson-Nakano


Monograph 8, 2002

The Kamberri: A History of Aboriginal Families in the ACT and Surrounds

Ann Jackson-Nakano


Monograph 7, 2001

Repossession of Our Spirit: Traditional Owners of Northern Sydney

Dennis Foley & Ricky Maynard


Monograph 6, 1998

History in Portraits: Biographies of Nineteenth Century South Australian Aboriginal People

Jane Simpson & Luise Hercus


Monograph 5, 1998

Rebellion at Coranderrk

Diane Barwick


Monograph 4, 1997

In the Best Interest of the Child? Stolen Children: Aboriginal Pain/White Shame

Link-Up (NSW) and Tikka Wilson


Monograph 3, 1996

Country: Aboriginal Boundaries and Land Ownership in Australia

Peter Sutton

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