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Better Than Welfare?

List of tables

Table 3.1 Transition probabilities (15-month) between labour force states, Indigenous males and females (percentage)

Table 3.2 Marginal effect of CDEP and other labour force categories on selected social and economic outcomes, 2008

Table 3.3 Hypothetical simulations of the ‘effect’ of loss of 35,000 CDEP jobs

Table 3.4 Administrative data on local CDEP schemes at time of 2006 and 2011 census (8 August)

Table 3.5 Working-age population (aged 15–64 years) and major mining investment in remote IAREs by 2006 CDEP employment rates in 2006

Table 3.6 Labour market outcomes for 15–64-year-olds by Indigenous status, Wallaga Lake, 2006 and 2011

Table 4.1 Labour force characteristics for Bega, Eden and Wallaga Lake Indigenous Locations, Indigenous people aged 15–64 years, 2006 and 2011

Table 7.1 Bawinanga annual reporting 1999–2011

Table 7.2 Range of BAC activities by headings reported in narrative annual reports 1999–2000 to 2010–11

Table 7.3 BAC grants, trading and other income, and total income 2000–01 to 2013–14

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