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Sharpening the Sword of State


Figure 4.1: The ‘learning trio’

Figure 4.2: The police training hierarchy

Figure 4.3: From a curriculum-centred approach to a problem-based approach

Figure 4.4: The degree of emphasis between personal, professional and vocational development in each command course

Figure 4.5: Number of officers to be trained in the ICC, 2000–01 to 2017–18

Figure 4.6: Total budget for running the three command courses, 2006–07 to 2011–12

Figure 4.7: Budget for running the three command courses per officer trained, 2006–07 to 2011–12

Figure 8.1: Reform framework for building executive capacity in the public sector for better governance

Figure 9.1: CSC organisational structure

Figure 9.2: PSD organisational chart

Figure 10.1: Senior-rank civil service training institutions

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