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Sharpening the Sword of State


Table 3.1: Planned programs offered by the SMCPS

Table 4.1: Establishment and actual strength of the Hong Kong Police Force, 2005–10

Table 4.2: Training targets of the three command courses, 2011–12 to 2013–14

Table 4.3: Expenditure of Hong Kong Police College (HK$)

Table 4.4: Overseas and Mainland Development Training (OMDT) program

Table 4.5: Overseas Vocational Training (OVT) program

Table 5.1: Recruitment numbers for the national civil service, 2014

Table 6.1: Korean Government legislation relating to training

Table 8.1: Former chairpersons of the CESB and their accomplishments

Table 8.2: Positions in the Career Executive Service

Table 8.3: CES ranking structure

Table 9.1: CSC revenue from training

Table 10.1: Composition of the Taiwanese Civil Service (as at the end of 2011)

Table 10.2: Training programs provided by the DGPA

Table 10.3: Number of TOP 100 trainees by sex, 2010–11

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