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Merici - Ursula Hall Academic Journal: Volume 2, 2016

Author profiles

Jenny Calahan

Jenny is a third-year undergraduate student at the University of Arizona in the USA. She is studying astronomy, physics and mathematics and hopes to go to graduate school to become a professional astronomer. She spent a semester abroad at Ursula Hall and the support and love from the community made this research paper possible.

Guy Exton

Guy is in his second year of a Bachelor of Arts/Master of International Affairs vertical double degree at ANU. Majoring in political science with minors in history and economics, Guy’s area of study is broad, encompassing many issues in current international politics. Guy is a columnist for the university newspaper, commenting on current issues and events, focusing on Britain in a ‘post-Brexit’ world.

Lucinda Fretwell

Lucinda is a second-year Arts and European Studies student. She has always loved history, and thinks it is very important for understanding the world today. She is particularly interested in the idea of memory, and how nations come to terms with difficult parts of their histories and incorporate it into their national stories. In 2017, she is completing a semester abroad at Sciences Po in Reims, where she hopes to gain insights into French and European perspectives on their history.

Stephanie Gajewski

Stephanie is a second-year Bachelor of Arts and European Studies student. In 2017, she hopes to complete her compulsory European Studies exchange. She wishes to pursue postgraduate studies, preferably covering content unrelated to Big History.

Jonah Hansen

Jonah is a first-year science student undertaking the Bachelor of Philosophy (Science), majoring in astronomy and astrophysics.

Lucinda Janson

Lucinda is a third-year student studying a Bachelor of Philosophy (Arts) degree, and a Diploma of Languages (Latin). She is majoring in English and History and is interested in the intersection between the two disciplines. She hopes to pursue postgraduate research in this area.

Meaghan Powell

Meaghan is a third-year commerce (international business)/law student and resident of Ursula Hall for three years. While a resident, she served as secretary of the URC, senior resident on C2 and a coach of Inward Bound.

Lalit Prasad

Lalit is a second-year student from Sydney studying computer science. He’s working his way through university by teaching school children how to play chess.

Lawrence Rogers

Lawrence is an undergraduate research student at ANU, completing a Bachelor of Philosophy (Arts) in International Relations. His interests include peace and security studies, and regional institutions. Additionally, he is passionate about research and policy, and volunteers for the ANU Students’ Association in a policy analysis working group.

Laksshini Sundaramoorthy

Laksshini is a second-year Arts Law student. After completing her undergraduate studies, she hopes to secure a place in the Judges Associateship Program. In the future, she wants to work in the education sector, implementing policy that will improve the public schooling system.

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