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Australian Clinical Legal Education


We acknowledge with considerable appreciation the contribution of Sandy McCullough to the editing and formatting of this book. Sandy has frequently gone further than many editors would do in helping us get to press. In the early stages of the research that underlies our work here, we were also greatly assisted by Ebony Booth, who managed our research team and ensured we were meeting our deadlines. Both Sandy and Ebony brought professionalism and good humour to their roles and made everything so much easier. There are many others—friends and colleagues—who have contributed ideas, comments and insight as we worked through the complex and challenging issues that this book addresses: Tony Foley, Frances Gibson, Richard Grimes, Vivien Holmes, Richard Johnstone, Michael McNamara, David McQuoid-Mason, Zoe Rathus, Simon Smith, Gai Walker, Kristen Wallwork, Denise Wasley and Leah Wortham, among them. We also acknowledge the many clinicians and law teachers across Australia who have offered their opinions and observations during our research phase. Without them, our prescription for powerful and accountable legal education would be far less confident.

We would not have been able to formulate and agree on our mutual (and sometimes differing) perspectives without the growing sense of shared insight we acquired while working on the underlying research. That project forged a consensus that we have come to value and respect. We therefore thank the Australian Government’s Office of Learning and Teaching for the grant that got us going in the first place.

Finally, each of us thanks our families, for their patience and support during our late nights and interrupted weekends and holidays.

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