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Kastom, property and ideology


Figure 4.1 Map of Port Moresby, 2013, showing location of ATS settlement

Figure 4.2 Google Earth image of ATS settlement, 2013, with cadastral overlay

Figure 4.3 Cemetery of customary landowners on Portion 698, with Maso Henao’s grave in the centre of the picture

Figure 5.1 Location of study sites

Figure 6.1 Format of notices advertising the grant of special agricultural and business leases in the National Gazette

Figure 7.1 Volume of raw log exports from areas covered by FCAs granted to developers of agro-forestry projects, 2007–2015

Figure 7.2 Location of SABLs and potential logging concessions in Ijivitari District, Oro Province

Figure 7.3 Location of SABLs and potential logging concessions in part of Pomio District, East New Britain Province

Figure 7.4 Division of the Sigite-Mukus project area into six blocks, with the location of Bairaman, Lau and Mauna council wards in Block 2

Figure 7.5 Forest cleared for cultivation of oil palm in Portion 196C, February 2015

Figure 9.1 Leases on Efate Island as at 2015

Figure 9.2 Lease titles allocated to staff over state land leased near Independence Park, including two houses

Figure 9.3 Lease titles allocated to staff over parkland, existing Nasara areas and cultural sites adjacent to Seaside show ground

Figure 9.4 Lease title issued by Minister Steven Kalsakau to his son Periaso Kalsakau

Figure 11.1 Map of Vanuatu, showing the location of Lamen Bay

Figure 11.2 Registered land and ‘native reserves’ on Epi Island

Figure 11.3 Two major land dispute boundaries, Lamen Bay, c. 2012

Figure 11.4 Model of land boundaries according to tribunal judgement

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