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Vocational Education and Training

List of figures

Figure 1. Paul Henderson, minister, second from right, and guests on the fifth-floor balcony of the Northern Territory Parliament House, 2005.

Figure 2. Paul AE Everingham, Member of the Legislative Assembly.

Figure 3. Charlotte Waters Telegraph Station, near the South Australian border, included a store and post office.

Figure 4. Finke River Mission, September 1905.

Figure 5. Tiwi people on Bathurst Island, January 1941, with Bishop Gsell.

Figure 6. Transfer Ceremony, 2 January 1911.

Figure 7. Catholic Mission School at Arltunga, January 1947.

Figure 8. Train (Commonwealth line) with new engines, Northern South Australia, January 1920.

Figure 9. The first Legislative Council, 16 February 1948.

Figure 10. First Legislative Assembly sitting, 19 March 1975, in the cyclone-damaged chamber. Corrugated iron sheets in right foreground were used to channel rainwater away from members’ desks.

Figure 11. Mission Aboriginals [sic] working in a carpentry shop, May 1968.

Figure 12. Alice Springs High School from Anzac Hill, October 1958. This was the site of the Adult Education Centre and it became the first home of the Alice Springs Community College in 1974.

Figure 13. Electrical experiments at Darwin High School adult training classes, 30 June 1967.

Figure 14. Darwin Primary School in January 1957, it later became Darwin Higher Primary and then Darwin High School. This building in Woods Street became the Adult Education Centre under principal Harold Garner.

Figure 15. Apprentice training in the former World War Two railway workshops in Katherine, February 1974. David Handley, first-year apprentice and Robert Scott, trades foreman.

Figure 16. Opening ceremony of the Darwin Community College by HRH Prince Philip; Prime Minister Gough Whitlam is on the right.

Figure 17. Goff Letts, former Chief Secretary of the Northern Territory.

Figure 18. Elizabeth Andrew, February 1974.

Figure 19. Jim Robertson, Member of the Legislative Assembly, February 1974.

Figure 20. Ministers of the new Northern Territory Government, 1 July 1978, swearing-in ceremony.

Figure 21. Darwin Community College looking towards Alawa, April 1979.

Figure 22. Geoff Chard (Left).

Figure 23. Industry Training Commission, first meeting, 1 July 1980, Geoff Chard at far right.

Figure 24. Jim Eedle.

Figure 25. Dhupuma College, February 1975.

Figure 26. Training Centre, Stuart Park, September 1981.

Figure 27. Ray McHenry.

Figure 28. Training. Calf-tagging training for secondary school students.

Figure 29. Restaurant interior, Gillen House, Alice Springs.

Figure 30. Tom Harris.

Figure 31. Geoff Spring.

Figure 32. The Honourable Terry McCarthy.

Figure 33. Former Minister for Education and Training, Shane Stone.

Figure 34. Ministers Fred Finch, Shane Stone and lecturer Kym Livesley celebrating the new course ‘Introduction to Mining Law’ at the Northern Territory University, April 1993.

Figure 35. The Honourable Fred Finch handing over motorcycles for licensed training.

Figure 36. Palmerston Campus.

Figure 37. Peter Adamson, Member of the Legislative Assembly, January 2001.

Figure 38. The second Burke ministry, 1 August 2000.

Figure 39. Former Kargaru School, November 1996.

Figure 40. Students with Minister Stirling at a government-sponsored breakfast in Alice Springs, May 2003.

Figure 41. Peter Plummer, centre, served as the Chief Executive of three different Northern Territory Government agencies in addition to being the Principal of Batchelor College.

Figure 42. Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education, 2011.

Figure 43. Marion Scrymgour (left) being sworn in as a member of the ninth Northern Territory Legislative Assembly on 16 October 2001.

Figure 44. Margaret Banks, the Chief Executive of the Department of Employment, Education and Training, introducing Minister Scrymgour, at the far left, during the January 2006 scholarships and bursaries awards ceremony held at Parliament House.

Figure 45. Minister Henderson preparing to present prizes at the Teaching Excellence Awards ceremony at Parliament House, October 2009.

Figure 46. Minister Burns, second from right, overseeing the celebration of a Charles Darwin University lecturer’s 40 years of teaching.

Figure 47. Robyn Lambley, Member of the Legislative Assembly, with the Mayor of Alice Springs, Damien Ryan, joining in the celebrations at the Alice Springs campus of Charles Darwin University recognising 25 years of university-level education in the Northern Territory, June 2014.

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