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Navigating the Future


In the years 1986 to 2014 we lived and worked with many Kubo, Febi, Konai and Bedamuni people. They cared for us and taught us. We slept in their houses in villages and forests, and walked with them through the back swamps, the foothills and the mountains. We laughed with them on many occasions and mourned with them on others. And of course, for this is Papua New Guinea, we ate with them, sharing their food and sharing ours. It has been a privilege and we thank them all.

At different times and different places we received assistance and advice from many people. Special thanks to Robin Barclay, Florence Brunois, Tom Covington, Toksie Damaga, Hugh Davies, Henry Daso, Makeya Diwo, Robyn Dwyer, Tom Ernst, Martinus Fiagone, Philip Fitzpatrick, Lucas Foifoin, Anaïs Gėrard, Laurence Goldman, Robin Hide, Garrick Hitchcock, Bob Hoad, Jerry Jacka, Siosi Kobi, Wami Kobi, Raka Kosabo, Sandrine Lefort, Paul Luoma, Evelyn Makeya, Michael Main, Craig McConaghy, Laurie Meintjes, Mike Milne, Kodu Moboi, Francis Oofoi, Willie Samobia, Jim Savage, Kerry Snelgrove, Seda Sosoaho, Romex Sowaimo, Donsi Suwo, Gosia Suwo, Henick Taprin, Jelin Tiwi, Jackson Tosiga, Kosabo Wabi, Jack Wagamoi, Chris Warrillow, Rick Wilkinson, Stanley Umosi, Willie Yofu and Colin Young. Thanks as well to expat and national staff at the Suabi and Juha camps associated with oil and gas exploration ventures during the years 2012 to 2014, the Papua New Guinea National Research Institute for affiliation during our more recent periods of research, Georgia Kaipu for her generous help in facilitating approval of research visas, Colin Filer and two anonymous reviewers for comments on the manuscript, Beth Battrick for copy editing, the University of Melbourne for granting periods of leave, and the Australian Research Council for the award of a Discovery Grant [DP120102162].

June 2017

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