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Navigating the Future


Figure 1.1: Location of gas fields and pipeline associated with the Papua New Guinea Liquefied Natural Gas Project.

Figure 1.2: The cover of ‘The Origin of Kesomo’.

Figure 1.3: Map showing approximate location of Kubo territory.

Figure 2.1: Residents of Gwaimasi at August 1986.

Figure 2.2: Gwaimasi village, 1987.

Figure 2.3: Young man, decorated in preparation for a feast.

Figure 2.4: Young man sharpening an arrow with knapped stone.

Figure 2.5: Key participants in a dispute about marriage.

Figure 3.1: Patrols by Des Clancy and Brian McBride in, respectively, 1947–48 and 1959.

Figure 3.2: Map showing route of proposed pipeline and the location of exploration-related activities in the years 2012–14.

Figure 4.1: A schematic representation of the greater Suabi community in 2014.

Figure 4.2: Entrance to Owabi Corner.

Figure 4.3: Extent of gardens and secondary growth in the area near Suabi, 1974 to 2013.

Figure 4.4: Curing dance at Suabi.

Figure 4.5: Marriage arrangements—three case histories.

Figure 5.1: ‘Tibidibo is my name.’ Sign erected at Suabi airport.

Figure 5.2: A schematic representation of social realignments.

Figure 6.1: Primary participants in a payment of compensation for a failed marriage exchange.

Figure 6.2: Exchange of money and a pig in compensation for failure to reciprocate a marriage.

Figure 6.3: Logos: (a) Government of Papua New Guinea; (b) Mission Aviation Fellowship; (c) Evangelical Church of Papua New Guinea; (d) Papua New Guinea Liquefied Natural Gas Project; (e) Oil Search Ltd; (f) Gama ProjEx; (g) Oilmin Field Services.

Figure 6.4: Logos: (a) Gigira Development Corporation; (b) Juha Resource Development Corporation Ltd; (c) Gas Resource Juha Limited.

Figure 6.5: Logos: (a) Kubo Home Evangelism Outreach Ministry Group; (b) Suabi Community School.

Figure 6.6: Logos: (a) Yanowosu Young Girls; (b) Juha Mama Group; (c) Tobi C.B.C. Women Group; (d) Kusobi Women’s Business Group.

Figure 6.7: Logos: (a) Dobasoso subclan; (b) Osomei ILG; (c) Heyadibi clan; (d) Wabogosai ILG; (e) Seaso clan; (f) Tihin Holdings Ltd.

Figure 7.1: Gift giving at the Company camp.

Figure 8.1: Street signs at the Company camp.

Figure 8.2: ‘Directing attention’ and navigating the future.

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