Bearing Witness: Essays in honour of Brij V.Lal

Family Album

Figure 2. Brij and Padma with granddaughter Maya Lal-Parks

Source: Photographed by Yogi Lal-Parks, 15 May 2016, and reproduced with her permission and the permission of the subjects.

Figure 3. Three generations. From left to right: Brij Lal, Yogi Lal-Parks, Jayan Kenneth Lal-Parks (in front), Christopher Lal-Parks, Maya June Lal-Parks (in pram), Padma Lal, Niraj Lal, Sally Cunningham and Ash Arjun Lal Cunningham (in the baby wrap)

Source: Taken at the foot of the Sydney Opera House by a passing individual, January 2016, and reproduced with the subjects’ permissions.

Figure 4. Family group: Yogi, Jayan (in front), Brij, Padma, Niraj

Source: Taken in Canberra after Brij’s investiture by a passing individual, 18 September 2015, and reproduced with the subjects’ permissions.

Figure 5. Brij and Padma after the investiture

Source: Taken at the shores of Lake Burley Griffith, Canberra by Yogi Lal-Parks, 18 September 2015, and reproduced with her and the subjects’ permissions.