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Large-scale Mines and Local-level Politics


Figure 2.1 North Province, New Caledonia.

Figure 2.2 The politics of the large-scale mining project cycle.

Figure 2.3 Employment offers and applications in North Province, 2000–10.

Figure 2.4 Net annual average of semi-annual business start-ups, 1995–2010.

Figure 2.5 Popular participation in SAS Vavouto.

Figure 2.6 Employment offers and applications in North Province, 2000–16.

Figure 2.7 Net annual average of semi-annual business start-ups, 1995–2016.

Figure 3.1 The Koniambo project construction site, September 2012.

Figure 3.2 Location of the studied Kanak villages in northern New Caledonia.

Figure 3.3 Environmental value model.

Figure 3.4 First stone of the new cultural centre in Koné, 2008.

Figure 3.5 Rental housing on customary land, Baco, 2011.

Figure 3.6 Education level of the peoples in the four villages motivated to work in the Koniambo project.

Figure 3.7 Subcontracting companies belonging to SAS Vavouto in August 2012.

Figure 3.8 Number of enterprises per working area in Baco, August 2012.

Figure 3.9 Size of customary lands of the villages of Netchaot, Baco, Oundjo and Gatope.

Figure 3.10 Difference in perceptions of the four neighbouring Kanak villages vis-à-vis the Koniambo project (per cent per village).

Figure 6.1 The model for participation of the population of the Grand Sud in development of the mining project.

Figure 7.1 Mining and immanent development.

Figure 7.2 Mining, immanent and intentional forms of development.

Figure 7.3 Papua New Guinea mining operations.

Figure 8.1 CMCA trust regions in Western Province.

Figure 9.1 Three ‘development worlds’.

Figure 9.2 Sustainability reporting by 33 mining companies with PNG interests in 2013–14.

Figure 11.1 Villages and council wards on Aniolam Island.

Figure 11.2 Lihir population by ward group, 2002–13.

Figure 11.3 Former plantation labourers from Sandaun Province.

Figure 11.4 Enumerated Lihirian and non-Lihirian population figures, and adjusted non-Lihirian population figures, December 2013.

Figure 11.5 Birthplace of enumerated resident non-Lihirians, December 2013.

Figure 11.6 Village development scheme house.

Figure 11.7 Late Anna Ikuluom of Tinetalgo clan in lower Landolam, 2011.

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