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Human Ecology Review: Volume 23, Number 2

Reproduced Manuscripts

The inaugural conference of the Society for Human Ecology, held on the 26th to 28th of April 1985 at the University of Maryland, was themed “Human Ecology: A Gathering of Perspectives.” This meeting brought together diverse delegates and speakers from around the world to discuss exciting new and emerging ideas in the field of human ecology. Papers from that conference were published in 1986 in a book of the same name (Borden, 1986). This special issue of Human Ecology Review has selected and reproduced here three representative papers from that book. New invited commentaries introduce each paper, noting the context of their original contribution, and which of their ideas remain current. All papers have been re-typeset from the originals, and minor stylist updates have been made.

Robert Dyball, Editor, Human Ecology Review.


Borden, R. J. (Ed.) (1986). Human ecology: A gathering of perspectives. Bar Harbor, ME: Society for Human Ecology.

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