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Skin, Kin and Clan

About the Cover

The image used on the front cover of this book is a reproduction of Shirley Purdie’s Gija Kinship. Below is Shirley’s explanation of the painting in Gija, it was recorded, transcribed and translated by editor Patrick McConvell.

In Gija:

Ngagenyel ganggal Nyaajarri-ngel. Ngagenyel gural Nyawurru-ngel. Ngayin Naangariny-ngage. Ngagenyel wigil Nangalangel …


My mother’s mother is Nyaajarri skin. My mother is Nyawurru skin. I am Naangari skin. My daughter is Nangala skin …

In English:

See that’s the skin group that name. This my skin group and this is for my dad and auntie family, and this my mother side …

The editors thank Shirley Purdie and the Warmun Art Centre for allowing them to use it on the cover of Skin, Kin and Clan.

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