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Popular Music, Stars and Stardom


Samantha Bennett is a sound recordist, guitarist and Associate Professor in music at The Australian National University. She is the author of two monographs, Modern Records, Maverick Methods and Peepshow, a 33 1/3 series edition (both Bloomsbury Academic). Samantha’s journal articles are published in Popular Music, Popular Music and Society, The Journal of Popular Music Studies and IASPM@journal.

Dr Clive Harrison has performed with a stunning list of Australian contemporary artists, and has recorded over 98 albums, 50 films and 3,500 commercials. His 2016 PhD thesis was in creativity, multiple intelligences and songwriting, and he is the Deputy Director, Academic Affairs, at the Australian Institute of Music. 

Dr Eve Klein is a music technologist and popular music scholar, an operatic mezzo soprano and a composer. Eve works at the University of Queensland’s School of Music as Program Convenor of Popular Music and Technology. Her current research explores classical music recording practices, popular–classical music hybridity, and technology-enabled performance.

Dr Stephen Loy is lecturer in music at the ANU School of Music, and has convened courses in music theory and aural skills, critical and historical musicology, and popular music studies. He has published on the music of Louis Andriessen and Led Zeppelin.

Phoebe Macrossan is a PhD candidate at the University of NSW, and a tutor in film studies at Queensland University of Technology. Her thesis examines the utopian modalities of screen song across film, television and music video. She is a co-founder of the Sydney Screen Studies Network and the Postgraduate Executive Member for the Screen Studies Association of Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Dr Vincent Perry is a Brisbane-based drummer, record producer and avid collector of vintage instruments and recording gear. In late 2017, Vincent received his PhD from Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University. He is currently a sessional lecturer at JMC Academy where he teaches music, audio and entertainment business units.

Dr Julie Rickwood is a music and performance researcher and practitioner based in Canberra, Australia. Located at The Australian National University, her research has concentrated on popular music and community choirs exploring intersections with music making such as cross-cultural exchange and common ground, gender, identity, place, heritage and the environment.

Dr Robin Ryan studied music at the University of Western Australia, the University of Washington and Monash University. She published on indigenous and popular music topics while a Research Fellow of Macquarie University, Sydney (2001–05). Robin currently conducts ecomusicological research through the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Edith Cowan University.

John Whiteoak is an Adjunct Professor in the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music, Monash University. He was co-editor for the Currency Companion to Music and Dance in Australia (2003) and has published widely on jazz related topics, including Playing Ad Lib, Improvisatory Music In Australia, 18361970 (1999).

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