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Drawing in the Land

List of Plates

Plate 1.1 Images of marsupial gliders drawn in a way that visually suggests their movement into the rock (rock shelter A12).

Plate 1.2 An unusually large anthropomorphic motif (160 cm high) drawn in a way that visually inhabits the viewer’s ‘lived’ space (rock shelter UA36).

Plate 1.3 Lizard Creek flowing northward along the ridge crest situated to the west of the Cataract River. The abundance of water available on the plateau, rather than only in valleys, is an unusual and significant natural phenomenon of the study area.

Plate 1.4 The Illawarra Escarpment looking west towards the Woronora Plateau from the coastal plain.

Plate 1.5 The stored water of the Avon Dam, looking north-west from the rock art shelter site UA49.

Plate 1.6 Very small, lightly scratched eel motif. The head and fins are at the bottom of photo, slightly truncated by the camera frame (rock shelter BR12).

Plate 1.7 Large colourful eel motifs (rock shelter BR29).

Plate 1.8 Grinding groove site in the sandstone bed of an upland dell (swamp) (open site UA3).

Plate 1.9 A small rock shelter in a boulder that has a relatively large number of graphic and non-graphic rock marks (rock shelter SCR4).

Plate 2.1 Typical rock shelter floor comprised of roof-fall boulders (rock shelter EC36).

Plate 2.2 Example of weathering processes on rock art.

Plate 5.1 Pigment blobs with stencils (rock shelter C39).

Plate 5.2 Pigment marking: drawn non-graphic charcoal pigment marking (very faint) of the natural coloured lines in a hidden concavity (rock shelter SCR3).

Plate 5.3 Drawn non-graphic charcoal pigment mark (rock shelter SCR3).

Plate 6.1 Location of a ‘hidden’ motif on the roof (50 centimetres above the rock floor) of a small concavity in the rear wall of a shelter (rock shelter SCR14; mark ID 2459).

Plate 6.2 Location of a highly visible motif situated c. 3 metres above the ground (as measured from base of image to the ground) on an outside face of a shelter (rock shelter DCC12; mark ID 1534).

Plate 6.3 Close-up of mark ID 1534.

Plate 7.1 Superimposed imagery (rock shelter BR32). A black drawn graphic is over red handprints and stencils.

Plate 7.2 Superimposed imagery (rock shelter SCR3). A black drawn graphic over a red hand stencil.

Plate 7.3 An example of a red wet ‘trident’ motif, which is assigned to Phase 2a (rock shelter EC5b).

Plate 7.4 Example of red drawn animal motif, which is assigned to a possible later sub-phase of Phase 2 (rock shelter EC36).

Plate 7.5 Note the high degree of weathering of red stencil pigment (rock shelter SCR25).

Plate 7.6 Phase 3 imagery (rock shelter A16). Black graphics.

Plate 7.7 Phase 3 imagery (rock shelter SCR10).

Plate 8.1 Small intaglio engravings at the Bundanoon rock shelter.

Plate 8.2 Large trident-shaped Phase 2 motif (rock shelter A12).

Plate 8.3 A pair of Phase 2 anthropomorphs that have subsequently been redrawn in charcoal (rock shelter EC17).

Plate 8.4 A composition of three large (c. 80 cm high) marsupial gliders (Phase 2) superimposed by Phase 3 charcoal anthropomorphic drawings (rock shelter UA1).

Plate 8.5 Phase 3 gestural marks (rock shelter Cad39). Cream-coloured hand and feet stencils.

Plate 8.6 Charcoal wombat motif in relationship of isomorphic congruence in a small concavity (rock shelter Gill22; mark ID 1722).

Plate 8.7 Example of non-graphic pigment gestural mark ‘pigment strokes’ on left in photo (rock shelter TL18; mark ID 859).

Plate 8.8 Examples of non-graphic charcoal ‘pigment marking’ highlighted with arrows, showing pigment application to the edges of natural rock features (rock shelter TL18; mark ID 847).

Plate 8.9 Phase 3 eel motif (front end) drawn with charcoal and white pigment and ‘v’-shaped infill (rock shelter A12).

Plate 8.10 Phase 3 wombat with some of its associated circular motifs (rock shelter AF4).

Plate 8.11 Phase 2 wombat with some of its associated elliptical motifs (rock shelter UA47).

Plate 8.12 Phase 3 snake graphic (rock shelter Wade5).

Plate 8.13 Phase 3 ‘unknown/other’ graphic (rock shelter SCR15).

Plate 8.14 Phase 3 charcoal-and-white pigment (white is very faint) profile anthropomorph with complex infill (rock shelter BR29).

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