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Successful Public Policy

List of illustrations


Box 1.1 Guiding questions for case analysis

Box 7.1 Impacts of water markets in the MDB

Box 14.1 Sir Owen Woodhouse (1916–2014)

Box 17.1 The Waitangi Tribunal

Box 17.2 The Office of Treaty Settlements

Box 18.1 The principles of responsible fiscal management

Box 18.2 Fiscal Responsibility Act timeline

Box 18.3 Comparison of Budget responsibility rules

Box 21.1 Whānau innovation, integration and engagement (WIIE) grants

Box 21.2 Whānau Ora navigators

Figures, map and plate

Map 7.1 The Murray–Darling Basin

Figure 7.1 Southern MDB water allocation and entitlement trade

Figure 9.1 Rate of all gun deaths in Australia, 1987–2016 (per 100,000 people)

Plate 13.1 The WHO designed this promotional poster, based on Australian plain packaging requirements, for use around the world during the 2016 World No Tobacco Day, on 31 May

Figure 18.1 New Zealand Government net debt and fiscal balance, 1970–2018

Figure 18.2 The recent track and outlook for the operating balance and net public debt, 2006–22

Figure 18.3 Destabilising fiscal stance: The operating balance and the output gap, 2002–11


Table 1.1 A policy success assessment map

Table 5.1 Key changes and elections in Melbourne city and Victorian state governments, 1981–2001

Table 7.1 Water markets in the MDB: Transformative, incremental development

Table 10.1 Winners and losers as a result of the introduction of the GST

Table 13.1 Tobacco control timeline: Australian policy highlights

Table 13.2 Timeline of major milestones in the development of the tobacco plain packaging legislation

Table 14.1 Timeline of key events, reports and legislation

Table 19.1 Key policy and curriculum developments, 1980–2018

Table 20.1 Summary of design features of the New Zealand retirement income system in 2018

Table 20.2 Programmatic evaluation: Performance against success factors and policy objectives

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