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Successful Public Policy


Philip Alpers, Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Sydney

Stephen Bell, Professor of Political Economy, University of Queensland

Emma Blomkamp, Honorary Research Fellow, University of Melbourne

Amohia Boulton, Research Centre Director, Whakauae Research Services

Anne-marie Boxall, Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Sydney

David Capie, Associate Professor of International Relations, Victoria University of Wellington

Jacqueline Cumming, Professor of Health Policy and Management, Victoria University of Wellington

Grant Duncan, Associate Professor, School of People, Environment and Planning, Massey University

Meredith Edwards, Emeritus Professor, University of Canberra

Sandy Farquhar, Senior lecturer, University of Auckland

Alan Fenna, Professor of Politics, Curtin University

Lisa Fitzgerald, Senior lecturer, University of Queensland

Becky Freeman, Senior lecturer, University of Sydney

Zareh Ghazarian, Senior lecturer, Monash University

Andrew Gibbons, Associate Professor at the School of Education, Auckland University of Technology

Derek Gill, Research Associate at the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, and Principal Economist, New Zealand Institute of Economic Research

R. Quentin Grafton, Professor of Economics, The Australian National University

Ross Guest, Professor of Economics, Griffith University

Janine Hayward, Professor of Political Science, University of Otago

Lisa Herron, Postgraduate student, University of Queensland

Timothy Higgins, Associate Professor in Actuarial Studies, The Australian National University

Andrew Hindmoor, Professor of Politics, University of Sheffield

James Horne, Visiting Fellow, The Australian National University

Jenny M. Lewis, Professor of Public Policy, University of Melbourne

Joannah Luetjens, Doctoral candidate, Utrecht University

Kirsten MacDonald, Senior lecturer, Griffith University

Michael Mintrom, Professor of Public Sector Management, Monash University

Charlotte Moore, Doctoral candidate, University of Auckland

Allyson Mutch, Senior lecturer, University of Queensland

Verna Smith, Senior lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington

Paul ‘t Hart, Professor of Public Administration, Utrecht University

Madeline Thomas, Research and Administrative Officer, the Australia and New Zealand School of Government

Binh Tran-Nam, Professor of Taxation, University of New South Wales

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