Following the Water


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Alphabetical List of the Rivers, Rivulets, Creeks, Channels, Aqueducts, Lakes, Reservoirs, Swamps, Inlets, Loughs, and Straits Referred To in the Order in Council, dated 23rd May 1881 (Gazette, 27 May 1881, p. 1389) permanently reserving as sites for public purposes, the Crown Lands forming the Bed, or such part of the Bed as Indicated, of each of certain rivers rivulets etc and the Crown Lands within the limits specified.

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Deaths from Miasmatic disease to 1864; Extracted from Statistics of Victoria, 1864, vital Statistics etc, in Acts and Proceedings of the Legislative Assembly and Papers, First Session, 1866.

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Record of results of observations in meteorology and terrestrial magnetism made at the Melbourne Observatory, and at other localities in the Colony of Victoria, Australia, prepared by Pietro Barrachi, Govt Astronomer, Govt Printer, Melbourne, 1919.

Registrar General’s Office, Statistics for the Colony of Victoria for the year 1864, Votes and Proceedings of the Legislative Assembly and Papers, First Session, 1866.

Report of the Professional Board on Reclamation of Swamps, in Votes and Proceedings of the Legislative Assembly and Papers, First Session, 1866.

Report on the physical character and resources of Gippsland, by the Surveyor General and the Secretary for Mines, with a Map and Geological Section, John Ferres, Govt Printer, 1874.

Victoria, Department of Sustainability and Environment, Securing our rivers for future generations: Victorian river health program report card, 2002–2009, the Department, Melbourne, 2009.

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Newspapers and almanacs

Argus (Melbourne)

Bairnsdale Advertiser

Bairnsdale Liberal News and North Gippsland District Advertiser

Calvert’s Illustrated Almanac for Victoria, 1859

Castner’s Rural Australian

Clarson, Massina and Co’s Weather Almanac and General Guide for Handbook for Victoria for 1877

Dr LL Smith’s Medical Almanac

Gippsland Farmer’s Journal

Gippsland Mercury

Gippsland Times

Glass’s Almanac, 1862

Kerr’s Melbourne Almanac, 1841

Illustrated Australian News for Home Readers

Levy Brothers and Co. Victorian Almanac, 1872

Maffra Spectator

Moe Register

Morwell Advertiser

Port Phillip Patriot Almanac and Directory

Port Phillip Separation Merchants and Settlers Almanac, diary and Directory for Melbourne and the District of Port Phillip, 1846

S Mullen’s Victorian Almanac

Sands & McDougall’s Commerical and general Melbourne Directory, 1862

Stevens and Bartholomew’s Sandhurst, Castlemaine, Echuca, Maldon, Dunolly, Maryborough, Back Creek, and Avoca district directory for 1867.

Traralgon Record

Victorian Almanc, 1871

Victorian Temperance Pioneer, or Monthly Magazine

Walhalla Chronicle

Watmuff and Smith’s Australian Almanac, 1870

Watmuff’s Australian Almanac, 1877

Primary sources

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Diary of Annie Prout, SLV, MS 12306, box 3054/5.

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