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Teacher for Justice



Organised by collections and their holding bodies

All India Women’s Conference (AIWC) Delhi and Bombay

  • Annual Reports
  • Office Files
  • Roshni

Erskineville Public School Archives

Granville Historical Society

  • Granville Guardian

Kapila Khandvala College, Bombay

  • Photographs, portraits

National Archives of Australia (NAA)

ASIO files

  • Ellen Grace Reeve
  • Jessie M.G. Street
  • Lucy Godiva Woodcock files, Volumes 1 to 3 (NAA)
  • Samuel Phineas Lewis
  • Teachers Federation

National Federation of Indian Women (Delhi)

  • Archives
  • Images

National Library of Australia (NLA)

  • Jessie Street Papers

National Library of New Zealand (NLNZ)

  • Alley, Rewi, 1897–1988: Papers / 1 Inward correspondence – Lucy Woodcock, 1954–1965, MS-Papers-6533–307

Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, Delhi

  • The Hindu

New South Wales Teachers’ Federation Library

  • Images
  • Archives

Noel Butlin Archives of Business and Labour (NBABL)

  • Betty Reilly Papers, AU NBAC N188
  • NSW Teachers’ Federation files, AU NBAC T15
  • UAW files, AU NBAC Z236

Social Networks and Archival Context (SNAC), University of Virginia Library

  • International Peace Campaign (various archives, catalogued in SNAC, including Swathmore College Peace Collection)
  • Khandvala, Kapila. Speech in session titled ‘Lessons from the Far East’. Program, Third Annual Conference on Militant Pacifism, War Resisters League, NY, 6–8 May 1932. Swathmore College Peace Collection, War Resisters League 1923–1994, Records, SERIES A: 1923–1949, Subseries IV, Conferences, Box 9.

State Library of NSW (SLNSW), including the Mitchell Library

  • Creative Leisure Movement
    • Correspondence
    • Photographs
  • International Women’s Day, NSW Committee
  • NSW Peace Council papers – ‘Peace’
  • Rivett Family Papers (Collection of Elizabeth Long: Bib ID: 4922528)
  • United Associations of Women
    • Newsheets
    • Annual Reports
    • Correspondence

Theosophical Society Archives, Adyar, Tamil Nadu

  • Stri Dharma, journal of the Women’s Indian Association
  • Women’s Indian Association Annual Reports

University of Melbourne Archives: Special Collections (UMA/SC)

  • Campaign for International Cooperation and Disarmament (CICD) papers, Boxes 49 (‘1950s’) and 52, 3/88 (‘Australian Convention for Peace and War, 1953’). UMA/SC
  • Meanjin files, Boxes 187 (A.C. Jackson) and 274 (Folder 2: Australian Convention on Peace and War). UMA/SC
  • Records of the Victorian Peace Council, Box 6, Folder 3, UMA/SC

Personal Collections (photographs, papers, clippings, objects)

  • Beverley Bates
  • Kit Edwards
  • Judith Emmett
  • Phyllis Johnson
  • Ruth Fink Latukefu
  • Audrey McDonald
  • Sarla Sharma


  • Advertiser (Adelaide)
  • Advocate (Tasmania)
  • Age (Melbourne)
  • Albury Banner and Wodonga Expres
  • Argus (Melbourne)
  • Australian Worker (Sydney)
  • Barrier Daily Truth (Broken Hill)
  • Barrier Miner (Broken Hill)
  • Bega Budget
  • Biz (Fairfield)
  • Cairns Post
  • Canberra Times
  • Catholic Press (Sydney)
  • Cessnock Eagle and South Maitland Recorder
  • Courier (UNESCO)
  • Courier Mail (Brisbane)
  • Daily Advertiser
  • Daily Mercury (Mackay, Qld)
  • Daily News (Perth)
  • Daily Standard (Brisbane)
  • Daily Telegraph (Sydney)
  • Dubbo Liberal and Macquarie Advocate
  • Education: The Journal of the NSW Teachers Federation
  • Evening News (Sydney)
  • Friendship
  • Glen Innes Examiner
  • Hebrew Standard of Australasia
  • Hindu
  • Hitavada (The People’s Paper)
  • Illawarra Mercury
  • Independent
  • Kalgoorlie Miner
  • Labor Daily (Sydney)
  • Land (Sydney)
  • Lithgow Mercury
  • Macleay Chronicle
  • Maitland Daily Mercury
  • Maitland Weekly Mercury
  • Mercury (Hobart)
  • Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton)
  • Murrumbidgee Irrigator (Leeton)
  • New Horizons
  • Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners’ Advocate
  • Newcastle Sun
  • News (Adelaide)
  • News Bulletin
  • Newsheet (UA)
  • Northern Miner (Charters Towers, Qld)
  • Northern Star (Lismore)
  • Our Women (UAW)
  • Peace (now held in SLNSW) launched April 1955.
  • Peace News, NSW Peace Council newsletter, 1954 to early 1955
  • Pix (Sydney)
  • Queensland Times (Ipswich)
  • Register (Adelaide)
  • Roshni (AIWC)
  • Singleton Argus
  • Smith’s Weekly
  • South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus
  • South Western Advertiser
  • Stri Dharma (Women’s Indian Association journal)
  • Sun (Sydney)
  • Sunday Times
  • Sydney Morning Herald (SMH)
  • Telegraph (Brisbane)
  • The Abo Call
  • Townsville Daily Bulletin
  • Tribune (Sydney)
  • Truth
  • WA Teachers’ Journal (also Bulletin)
  • Wellington Times
  • West Australian (Perth)
  • Windsor and Richmond Gazette
  • Women’s News (NFIW)
  • Workers’ Weekly
  • World Education Fellowship, NSW Section, News Bulletin


Conducted by authors

  • Clare Anderson, 2013, Heather Goodall
  • Lillon Bandler, email correspondence and meetings, Heather Goodall
  • Beverley Bates (née Langley), 1 September 2016, with Heather Goodall, Devleena Ghosh and Helen Randerson, audio recording and notes
  • Cathy Bloch, phone interview and email correspondence, Helen Randerson
  • Kit Edwards, 30 November 2017, interview with Heather Goodall, Hardy’s Bay, audio recording, notes and scans
  • Judith Emmett (née Mitchell), 2017, with Heather Goodall, phone conversations, letters
  • Helen Hambly, 1989, with Heather Goodall
  • Phyllis Johnson, 10 May 2007, Heather Goodall
  • Ruth Fink Latukefu, 3 September 2015, with Heather Goodall, audio recording, notes, photographs
  • Jean Lewis, email correspondence and meetings, Heather Goodall
  • Audrey McDonald, 2013, 2015, with Heather Goodall, notes, scans, letters
  • Marie and Ken Muir, November 2017, conversation with Heather Goodall, photograph identification, Pyrmont
  • Sarla Sharma, 28 November 2012; 14 February 2013; 18 January 2014, interviews with Devleena Ghosh, assisted by Heather Goodall, Subarta Singh and Helen Randerson, audio recordings, notes, photographs, scanned documents

Conducted by others

  • Faith Bandler, Interview, with Carolyn Craig, 2016, SLNSW:
  • Ruth Fink (Latukefu), Interview, April 2010, with April Garner, held in NLA
  • Former pupils Erskineville Public School, interviewed by Sean Macken, digital video, 10 February 2013
  • Kathleen Rachel Makinson, 1 March 1997, interviewed by Dr Ragbir Bhathal, Australian Women Scientists – Oral History Project, NLA
  • Queenie Symonds 1987, interviewed by Brenda Factor in the NSW Bicentennial oral history collection [sound recording]. Held NLA, (Session 1 of 2, 42:47–43:45)., accessed 15 October 2017


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NSW Heritage Reports on 16–20 Rochford St and Children’s Library, Erskineville.


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