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Vietnam Vanguard

List of Illustrations

1. February 1966, on exercise at Canungra before departure for Vietnam

2. October 1966: Two C Company members, Lance Corporal Ron Shoebridge (left) and Lance Corporal David ‘Stretch’ Bryan (right), support Private David Riik after 8 Platoon suffered casualties from booby traps during Operation Canberra

3. May 1966: The Commander US Military Assistance Command Vietnam, General William C. Westmoreland, and the Commander Australian Forces Vietnam, Major General Ken Mackay, talk with Private Kevin Cavanagh, C Company, aboard HMAS Sydney at Vung Tau

4. April 1966: Brigadier David Jackson, Commander 1 ATF, and Lieutenant Colonel John Warr, commanding officer 5 RAR, soon after the latter’s arrival at Tan Son Nhut airport

5. July 1966: 5 RAR medical officer, Captain Tony White, sutures a machete gash for one of his medical assistants, Corporal Ian McDougall

6. October 1966: Soldiers of C Company, at a landing zone on Nui Thi Vai with captured materiel. Operation Canberra

7. September 1966: The Australian Army Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Tom Daly, visits D Company during Operation Toledo, September 1966

8. May 1966: Lieutenant Colonel John Warr (centre) discussing helicopter training with Lieutenant Charles Brinnon of the US Army’s 68 Assault Helicopter Company (left) and Major Richard Hannigan (right), operations officer, 1 ATF, at Vung Tau

9. October 1966: Private Bruce Mason, A Company, makes a brew beside a local charcoal burner’s oven during Operation Robin

10. December 1966: Members of 8 Platoon admiring Private Robin Lestrange’s Christmas treats sent by his former employers

11. October 1966: 5 RAR’s Signals Officer, Captain Brian Le Dan, with his damaged Owen machine carbine which deflected and shattered an enemy sniper’s bullet thus saving him from serious wounding or death during Operation Queanbeyan

12. September 1966: The Commander 1 ATF, Brigadier David Jackson (left), greets the Commander Australian Forces Vietnam, Major General Ken Mackay, and the Australian Army’s Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Tom Daly, on their arrival at his HQ at Nui Dat

13. October 1966: A 9 Squadron RAAF Iroquois delivers ammunition, equipment and water to a landing zone between hills Jan and Julie during Operation Canberra

14. 5 RAR’s second in command, Major Stan Maizey, setting a good example

15. Early October 1966: Men of 4 Section, 8 Platoon

16. Villagers watching a distribution of food aid by 5 RAR soldiers

17. Villagers collecting food aid

18. October 1966: Nui Thi Vai from the west during Operation Robin

19. October 1966: Second Lieutenant John McAloney MC who was awarded the Military Cross for leading the Assault Pioneer Platoon’s attack on a defended enemy cave system during Operation Queanbeyan

20. Late 1966: Prime Minister Air Marshal Nguyen Cao Ky visited 5 RAR

21. October 1966: A 9 Squadron RAAF Iroquois delivers resupplies to the pagoda landing zone during Operation Queanbeyan

22. November 1966: 5 RAR’s medical officer, Captain Tony White, examines a dead baby in Long Son village

23. 5 RAR soldiers patrolling through the secondary growth of an unworked rubber plantation

24. A platoon of C Company filling water bottles from a jungle stream while the surrounding area is secured by the rest of the company

25. November 1966: Helicopter insertion into Long Son Island on Operation Hayman

26. Lance Corporal Gordon Meredith leading 9 Platoon in the shake-out after dismounting from Armoured Personnel Carriers into open terrain during the dry season

27. October 1966: Preparing for the evacuation by Sioux helicopter of Captain Brian Le Dan who was wounded during Operation Queanbeyan

28. November 1966: Captain Ron Boxall, in command of D Company during Operation Hayman

29. Second Lieutenant Bob Askew and Captain Jim Campbell DFC

30. November 1966: D Company’s artillery forward observer, Lieutenant Barry Campbell, and 10 Platoon’s commander, Second Lieutenant Dennis Rainer MC, who had worked closely together during 10 Platoon’s attack on 21 October

31. Second Lieutenant Michael Deak MC at work

32. This photograph of the Reconnaissance Platoon typifies the fighting soldiers of 5 RAR’s first tour of Vietnam in 1966–67

33. January 1967: The officers of 5 RAR at Nui Dat

34. November 1966: Dai Uy (Captain) Nguyen Van Be and Captain Ron Bade at Binh Ba. Private Ron ‘Frenchy’ Delaurey-Simpson is standing between the two bare-chested soldiers on the left

35. Late 1966: Second Lieutenant John Deane-Butcher on patrol with his platoon

36. October 1966: Battalion Headquarters on operations on Nui Thi Vai

37. February 1967: Major Ivor ‘Blue’ Hodgkinson (5 RAR’s second in command from December 1966), Captain Bob O’Neill (intelligence officer), Captain Peter Isaacs (adjutant) and Major Ron Hamlyn (officer commanding Administration Company) after a conference with the Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel John Warr

38. 5 RAR’s Operations Officer, Major Max Carroll, and the commander of 103 Field Battery, Major Neville Gair, at a time when that battery was allocated in direct support of the battalion

39. July 1966: Wet season conditions were experienced for several weeks during construction of 5 RAR’s base at Nui Dat

40. Intelligence Officer Captain Bob O’Neill briefing soldiers in 5 RAR’s open-air theatre, ‘The Mayfair’

41. October 1966: Pilot Second Lieutenant Bill Davies, being stretchered to a waiting aeromedical evacuation helicopter for transportation to a US neurosurgical facility in Saigon after being shot down in his Sioux Helicopter, the wreckage of which is strewn along Route 15

42. ‘The Rat Pack’, a group of 9 Platoon members

43. Late 1966: Corporal Bob ‘Dogs’ Kearney, reflecting while on a break from patrolling in the jungle

44. December 1966: The Commanding Officer serving Christmas dinner to men of C Company

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