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Australia’s Fertility Transition


I would like to thank the Humanities and Creative Arts Editorial Board of ANU Press for awarding me the 2019 CASS Publishing Prize, which enabled me to turn my PhD thesis into a published book. I would also like to thank Edith Gray, the head of the School of Demography at The Australian National University, for her support in my application for the prize. Thank you to Emily Hazlewood and her team at ANU Press for making the production of this book such a smooth process.

In regards to my original PhD thesis, I would like to thank Rebecca Kippen for her support and encouragement and for generously sharing her databases with me. The members of my supervisory panel—Rebecca, Zhongwei Zhao and David Lucas—all read my drafts and gave me helpful comments and advice. I would like to thank Teresa Neeman, from the ANU Statistical Consulting Unit, and Edith Gray for their statistical advice; Anna Reimondos for her help in preparing the dataset and for advice on STATA; and Heather Crawford and Jenny White for their help with software packages. Iwu Utomo, the PhD coordinator, was very supportive and encouraging, as were my fellow PhD students. I would also like to thank Julie Rowe for sharing her experiences of the PhD journey with me.

Janet McCalman and Trudy Cowley of the Founders and Survivors Project at the University of Melbourne/University of Tasmania generously shared their Catholic baptisms database with me. Bronwyn Meikle, who was at that time doing a PhD in history at the University of Tasmania, gave me the benefit of her extensive knowledge about 19th-century Tasmania. I would also like to thank the staff and volunteers of the Tasmanian local history museums listed in Appendix C for their time and assistance and the family history societies and genealogists who helped me try to track down some of my missing families.

I would like to thank the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP) Scientific Panel on Historical Demography for accepting me to participate in the workshop on ‘Socioeconomic Stratification and Fertility Before, During and After the Demographic Transition’ in September 2012. This was a very valuable experience and my thesis benefited from it greatly. All the participants were very helpful, but particularly Jan Van Bavel, who continued to give me advice after I returned to Australia.

I am also very grateful to George Alter for accepting me as a student in the Longitudinal Analysis of Demographic Data course at the University of Michigan summer school in August 2013. This course was invaluable and I could not have written this book if I had not participated in it. Ken Smith and Glenn Deane, who taught survival analysis, were very helpful with statistical advice after I returned to Australia.

Finally, I would like to thank my friends and family for their support and encouragement, particularly my husband, who helped me in so many ways.

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