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Re-imagining Japan after Fukushima

Note on Names and Terms

Foreign words from the Japanese or French languages have been indicated in italics, with translations provided in square brackets. Word-to-word translations of foreign-language titles in the reference list have also been provided in this way. In the case of books already translated into English, I have placed the title of the English-language publication in the square brackets, using italics to indicate this. For foreign terms (identified by italics), square brackets are used to provide English equivalents, while round brackets are generally used when the term does not have a close equivalent in English, to provide explanations or translations that are contextually most appropriate.

The Hepburn system of romanisation is used throughout for Japanese terms, with long vowels indicated by macrons, except for words that have been appropriated into the English language, such as ‘Tokyo’ or ‘Kyoto’, or when referring to characters whose names appear without macrons in the original text. I have avoided the use of Japanese characters in the main text unless necessary.

Throughout the main body of this book, the Japanese convention that the surname precedes the first name is respected with regards to Japanese authors who publish primarily in Japan. Uncertainty may be resolved by referring to the reference list, in which all authors are listed by their surnames, regardless of their cultural heritage.

All quotations from texts in foreign languages are my translations unless otherwise identified.

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