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The Bible in Buffalo Country


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Archival files

Mitchell Library

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ML MSS 6040/3, Church Missionary Society Federal Office.

ML MSS 6040/4, CMS Committee for Aborigines.

ML MSS 6040/12, Oenpelli Reports.

ML MSS 6040/35, Resigned Missionary Files.

National Archives of Australia

NAA A431/1, Oenpelli Mission Station.

NAA A3, NT1917/427, Department of Home and Territories Aboriginal Station, Oenpelli, Attempted poisoning of staff by natives.

Northern Territory Archive Service

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NTRS 226, TS 517, Ruby Roney Oral History, 1985.

NTRS 226, TS 735, Ruby Roney Oral History, 1974.

NTRS 337, Les Perriman, Personal records and photographs relating to Groote Eylandt Mission and Aborigines in Northern Australia, 1921–1972.

NTRS 693, Alfred Dyer, Records relating to mission life in Northern Australia, 1907–1966.

NTRS 694, Records, photographs and research material about mission life in Northern Australia, 1915–1985.

NTRS 1099, Mission reports and station council minutes of the Oenpelli Community, 1925–1977.

NTRS 1105, Publications featuring Arnhem Land missions, 1953–1981.


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