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Australian Dictionary of Biography Volume 19: 1991–1995 (A–Z)

A Note on Some Procedures

The ADB follows a number of conventions in the information it records, although we recognise that there are differences of opinion on what should, or should not, be included.

Some details that are not given in the entry text can be found in the ADB Online, specifically in the columns ‘Life Summary’ and ‘Life Details’.

In this volume our practice has been as follows:

Cause of death: usually included when the subject died before the age of 70.

Form of marriage or funeral ceremonies: We do not include such details unless they are of particular biographical interest.

Burial/cremation: included when details are available.

Value of estate: generally not included except when the amount left is unusually high or low, or is considered an important biographical detail.

Some other practices should be explained:

Asterisk: against the name of an author indicates that s/he is deceased.

Measurements: we use imperial or metric system measurements as historically appropriate; with imperial or metric equivalents in brackets.

Money: we continue to use £ to denote ‘pounds’ for references before the conversion to a metric system on 14 February 1966.

Religion: we provide information about religion where available and appropriate, but this is often confined to the place of marriage or funeral.

[q.v.]: the particular volume is given for subjects included in volumes 1–18 and the Supplement. Note that the cross-reference [q.v.] follows the names of those with a separate ADB article. In volumes 1–6 it was not given for royal visitors, governors, lieutenant-governors and Colonial Office officials.

Floruit and ‘date of death’: for the period 1788 to 1939 (volumes 1–12), the placing of subjects was determined by when they flourished; by contrast, volumes 13–18 (1940–1990) and this volume (1991–1995) are organised according to year of death.

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