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Learning Policy, Doing Policy


The catalyst for this collection came from an Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) workshop held on 9 July 2018 at The Australian National University (ANU). The workshop explored how public servants access and respond to academic research in the form of frameworks and models designed to explain public policy processes. Despite the winter chill, the workshop audience, drawn from Australian and New Zealand academics and current and former public servants, engaged in stimulating and enthusiastic conversations on the day, and our editorial committee was set up as a post-workshop outcome.

The editors would like to acknowledge the encouragement and support provided by Professor John Wanna (former Sir John Bunting Chair of Public Administration at ANU) and the support provided by ANZSOG through the participation of the Deputy Dean (Teaching and Learning), Professor Catherine Althaus. Organisation of the workshop was supported by Jessica Mason (executive assistant to John Wanna) and by Wendy Jarvie, David Threlfall and Isi Unikowski on the day.

The book was informed by conversations both before and during the workshop and subsequently, not only with our contributors but also with a diverse group with interest in this area of public policy. In particular, we thank Michael Di Francesco, Wendy Jarvie, Paul Fawcett, Catherine To, Louise Gilding, Andrew Maurer, Duncan McIntyre, Craig Ritchie, Meredith Edwards, Serena Wilson, Marija Taflaga, Subho Banerjee and Kim Grey. We also thank our reviewers.

Our thanks to Sam Vincent, our ANZSOG editor, for his patient and sage support and advice, to Rani Kerin for her meticulous and judicious copyediting, and the team at ANU Press.

The book benefited from a process of cross-fertilisation, achieved by providing other relevant chapters to individual contributors. We thank our contributors for their sustained commitment to the project and patience with our deadlines and publishing requirements.

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