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Movement, Knowledge, Emotion: Gay activism and HIV-AIDS in Australia


There are a number of people who assisted me through the process of writing this book and who deserve thanks. Firstly I would like to thank Dr Kevin White who supervised my research for this text along with Dr John Ballard and Professor Frank Lewins.

I am grateful to the staff at the Noel Butlin Library and the National Library of Australia, Petherik Reading Room, for their assistance in gaining access to archival material and interview transcripts for my research. Gary Janes and Graham Carbery from the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives also offered wonderful and enthusiastic (volunteer) assistance with this.

Thankyou to my friends and family for ongoing support, particularly Prue Power and Rachel Power who assisted me with editing.

Publication of this manuscript was made possible through the support of a publishing prize offered by the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences. I am very grateful for this opportunity and would like to thank all involved. Thankyou also to Jan Borrie for her editing expertise.

Finally, I would like to extend my greatest thanks to those who so generously offered their time to talk to me about their experiences with HIV/AIDS politics. In particular, Ian Rankin and Phil Carswell spent many hours telling me their stories and discussing ideas for this work. Thankyou also to Ken Davis, Bill Whittaker, Bill Bowtell, Robert Griew, Levinia Crooks, David Lowe, David Plummer, Dennis Altman, Don Baxter, Peter Baume, Steve Mark, Terry Thorley and Jennifer Ross. Phil Carswell and Ken Davis also reread drafts of this manuscript, for which I am very grateful.

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