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Learning spaces


This research project was made possible through joint funding from the Australian Research Council, The Australian National University and The Fred Hollows Foundation. We also wish to acknowledge the enormous in-kind contribution of all the individuals and organisations involved in this project, many of whom played multiple roles in collaborating in the research and/or providing technical and production input, ideas and inspiration:

Alice Springs Public Library

Fiona Blackburn

Australian National University

Paul Maclay – ANU Multimedia Services (Video Production)

Australian National University – Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research

Gillian Cosgrove, Martin Heskins, John Hughes, Frances Morphy, Sumathi Renganathan, Denise Steele

Batchelor Institute for Indigenous Tertiary Education

Margaret Carew

Central Land Council

Jane Hodson

Djilpin Arts

Susan Ashley, Rebecca Cooper, Chantelle Doctor, Augustina Kennedy, Ani Lewis, Tom E. Lewis, Sasha Lindsay, Anna McLeod, Fleur Parry, Amos Urban, Ricardo Weston

Photos: © Djilpin Arts

Indigenous Youth Leadership Program

Joe Ross

Jawoyn Association

Wes Miller

Lajamanu Community

Steve Patrick, Maxwell Tasman, Shane White

Media trainers and producers

Anna Cadden, Ben Foley

Ngaanyatjarra Media

Nathan Brown, Belle Davidson, Delwyn Davidson, Daniel Featherstone, John Gordon, Marcia Mitchell, Anthony Nelson, Natalie O’Toole, Monty O’Toole, Chris Reid, Noelie Roberts, Nina Tsernjavski, Alunytjuru Band from Wingellina, Sunset Reggae Band from Kalka

Photos: © Ngaanyatjarra Media/Valerie Bichard/Alan Nash

Ngapartji Ngapartji

Belinda Abbott, Joanne Andrews, Trevor Jamieson, Alex Kelly, Jane Leonard, Julie Miller, Dani Powell, Sadie Richards, Beth Sometimes, Maureen Watson, Elton Wirri

Photos: © Ngapartji Ngapartji/Keith Saunders

Northern Territory Library

Jason Gibson, Jo McGill, Cate Richmond

PAW Media and Communications

Stanford University, USA

Shirley Brice Heath

The Fred Hollows Foundation

Gemina Corpus, Deb Dank, Brian Doolan, Alison Edwards, Betty Hounslow, Shellie Morris

Ti Tree Community

Gayle Campbell, Lana Campbell, James Glenn, Marcia Long

University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Eve Tulbert

University of New South Wales

Martin Nakata

Warburton Youth Arts Project (now Wilurarra Creative)

Warlpiri Education and Training Trust

Danielle Campbell, Georgie Stewart

Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation

Francis Forrest, Amy Hardy, Kyle Jarvie, Sue Lovett, Susie Low, Azaria Robertson, Kate Webb, Micah Wenitong

Further acknowledgements

Stills from the Stories in Land Film Project used with permission from Ninti One Ltd. Stories in Land was a CSIRO RIRDC funded Project, undertaken as part of the Desert Knowledge Co-operative Research Centre (DKCRC) Livelihoods in Land project/Core Project 1 in partnership with PAW Media and Communications.

Anmatyerr language materials prepared in conjunction with ‘Certificate II in Own Language Work’ students at the Centre for Australian languages and Linguistics, Batchelor Institute for Indigenous Tertiary Education (BIITE), Alice Springs.

A special thank you to Margaret Carew, Daniel Featherstone and Frances Morphy for their valuable comments on early drafts

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