Troubled Waters

Confronting the Water Crisis in Australia's Cities

Table of Contents

Preliminary Pages
Introduction: The water services problem
Chapter 1. The life and times of the Chadwickian solution
Chapter 2. The water crisis in Southeast Queensland
Turn on the sprinklers, bury the water meters
Water restrictions: How strict can you get?
Catchments for real estate, not for water
Whatever happened to the ‘deluge rains’? Belated recognition of the water crisis
'Poowoomba' and the politics of recycling
Beattie’s water grid to the rescue
The Queensland Water Commission
The Gold Coast desal plant
Chapter 3. Down the gurgler: Historical influences on Australian domestic water consumption
The pursuit of health and morality
Watering and wallowing
Chapter 4. Nature, networks and desire: Changing cultures of water in Australia
Cultural geographies of water
Context and methods
Water and other ‘environmental’ issues
Water as nature: The arid-continent consciousness
Networks of water: Abundance or scarcity?
Dilemmas and desires
Chapter 5. Urban water: Policy, institutions and government
The rising tide of debate
‘Water policy’: Distilling the intent
Watering city and country
Energy, water and climate
Watering policy and institutions
Real human water behaviours
Conclusion: The singular and systemic in water policy
Chapter 6. Sustainability in urban water futures
Moving towards more sustainable urban water resource decision-making.
Can social research help reform?
Relating social science to adaptive learning and sustainability
Can we usefully study institutions to help achieve sustainability?
Chapter 7. Exploiting the unspeakable: Third-party access to sewage and public-sector sewerage infrastructure
Current institutional frameworks for water and wastewater
Definition of third-party access
Relationship between third-party access and sewer mining
Experiences of third-party access regimes for water
Commonwealth legal framework for third-party access in Australia
Services Sydney application: An access regime in practice
The Water Industry Competition Act 2006 (NSW)
Key issues of interest
Building customer trust
Step-in rights for operators of last resort
Property law issues
Negotiating inexperience and customer protection
Leases and consumer protection
Cases and determinations
Legislation and Codes of Practice.
Chapter 8. Property in urban water: Private rights and public governance
Restructuring the public/private spheres of water regulation
Water as the ‘property’ of the state
Water as a human right or social need?
The Australian urban context
Urban models of water governance
Current urban water reforms
Victorian metropolitan water reforms
Securing urban water supply
Conclusion: A new solution
Potable water
Stormwater drainage
Twenty-first-century outcomes
Features of the demand and supply of urban water
Development of water supply: The case of Sydney
Reduction in demand for potable water
The problem of recycled water
Making the transition to sustainability
An equitable pricing regime
Present water consumption patterns
Other waste-management systems
Local-area water management
Industrial and commercial development
Institutional arrangements