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Australia: Identity, Fear and Governance in the 21st Century

List of Figures

Figure 2.1

Indigenous Population Across Geographic Regions, 2006, by State/Territory

Figure 2.2

Gender, Age and Education and Social Distance Items

Figure 2.3

Gender, Education, Age and Locality and Aboriginal Social Proximity

Figure 5.1

Types of Incivilities Rated as a Big Problem by Location

Figure 5.2

Worry about Being a Victim of Various Crimes by Location

Figure 5.3

Gender Differences in Worry about Being a Victim of Crime

Figure 6.1

Ideological Position and Attitudes Towards Terrorism

Figure 8.1

Pro-Spending Preferences: Part of a more liberal mood, 1987–2007

Figure 8.2

Beliefs about Government Responsibility, Australia and Other Welfare Regimes/Country Groups, 2006

Figure 8.3

Beliefs about Government Responsibility and Perceptions of Government Success, Mean Scores by Regime Type, 2006

Figure 8.4

Perceptions of Government Responsibility, Difference from Mean Scores Overall by Political Party Orientation, All Respondents, 2006

Figure 10.1

Job Matching between Job-Seekers and Positions, AuSSA 2007

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