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France in the South Pacific


I would like to thank Peter Brown, Robert Aldrich, Hugh White, Darrell Tryon and Stewart Firth for their encouragement and strategic advice in the preparation of this book.

There are many who have provided particular inspiration. These include Marie-Claude Tjibaou, who asked me not to forget the people of New Caledonia; Déwé Gorodey, Roch Wamytan, Paul Néaoutyine, the late Jacques Lafleur, Pierre Frogier, Thierry Lataste, the late Paul de Deckker, Alain Christnacht, Jean-Yves Faberon, Nathalie Mrgudovic, Stephen Henningham, Malcolm Leader, David O’Leary, Penny Wensley AC and Frédéric Angleviel. Angela and Mike Smith, Nicole Jamieson, Véronique and Thierry Lataste, and Chantal and Bernard Attali offered ports of call along the way. Thank you too to the highly professional staff of the French Embassy in Australia, and to officials, both French and local, in Paris, Noumea, Tahiti and Matu Utu, whose warmth and support have enriched my respect, understanding and affection for those working to ensure a stable and fair future for the people of our region. I am indebted to colleagues in the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade who have enlarged and shaped my view of the world over a career of 30 years.

I appreciate the support of Jacqueline Lo and The Australian National University (ANU) Centre for European Studies, where I have been based for the last year. Peter Brown and the ANU School of Languages assisted with some early, much appreciated, research funding. Thanks too to Justine Molony and Duncan Beard for editing.

My husband Denis and three sons Damien, Adrian and Jonathan, and my late parents, Carmel and Trevor Kaine, provided valued support and interest.

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