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The Joy of Sanskrit

Week 16. Vocabulary




Week 16. Makkomas-sūtras


16.1 In nouns with variable stems, the first five forms are strong, but the first form is often ‘defective’.

16.2. Paradigms in -an are strongly generic.

16.3. āsam, āsīt, āsan.

16.4 A dvandva is like a shopping list, units are equally important and joined with ‘and’.

16.5 The number of a dvandva is determined by the total number of units.

16.6 The gender of a dvandva is determined by the gender of the last unit.

16.7 A samāhāra is a unity of opposites, like sukhadukham, and is neuter singular.

16.8 You can negate a noun or an adjective with a short-a, but not a verb.


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