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The Joy of Sanskrit


Please play this video to learn all about this course



Course textbooks

T. Egenes. 2008. Introduction to Sanskrit, Vols 1. and 2. 3rd revised edition, Motilal Banarsidass, India .  (You can buy these online, click here)





The beautiful images that we have used to illustrate the cover and the weekly section of this project are drawn from Gardens and Cosmos: The Royal Paintings of Jodhpur, edited by Debra Diamond et al., published by the Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, 2009. 

We would especially like to thank Professor Thomas Egenes, author of the course textbook, for his generous support and permission to reproduce sections of Introduction to Sanskrit in this e-pub.

How to use your iPad


This short video illustrates some of the tips and techniques to help you navigate your way around this e-pub.

From time to time you might find blank pages popping up in this e-pub. They are a result of the font-size selected or the orientation of the view that you have chosen. Please just ignore them and swipe to the next page.



Opening and Concluding Recitations

I like to begin and end each of our tutorials with a specific recitation as I feel it adds a touch of tradition and dignity to the proceedings. I learned these beautiful verses from my teacher, colleague and friend, Dr Sadananada Das.


Please listen to the audio files below in conjunction with the images on the following two pages.  I will chant each phrase twice, leaving a time for you to copy me as closely as you can. 




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