The Journey of a Book

Bartholomew the Englishman and the Properties of Things

Table of Contents

Preliminary Pages
Chapter 1. Introduction
Who was Bartholomew the Englishman?
Evidence for the travels and longevity of ‘Properties’
Tracing the journey
The marginal glosses
Approach and method
Chapter 2. Literary approaches
The search for the compiler and his work
Later approaches
The question of genre
The faulty encyclopaedia
The world-book tradition
Compilatio and utilitas
Other corners of the field
Chapter 3. ‘Properties’ as a guide to salvation
Foragers and gleaners
Fertility and growth
The properties of bees
The unstable world
Natura and remedies
Learning to submit
Lightening the burden
Rest and reward
The lord’s familia
The celibate servant
Travelling through the world and the book
Book 19: Coming full circle
Good doctrine and good works
Choosing the right path
Harmony and reconciliation
Chapter 4. The world and the journey
Pilgrimage, crusade, mission, mendicants
Bartholomew and the sea
Stories and travellers
Book of the world, map of the world
Chapter 5. ‘Properties’, salvation and social order in late-medieval England
The friars in England
Social order and disorder
‘Properties’ moralised
Labouring and voyaging
Models of good behaviour …
… and bad behaviour
‘Properties’ and a noble English family
‘Properties’, power and prestige
Lords of their domains
The English and the French
The Berkeleys and the king
‘Properties’ in London
Chapter 6. An authoritative source
A source of wisdom
Preserving the sources
‘Bartholomew the bestiary’
Moralising properties
Bartholomew and the heralds
Bartholomew and the satirist: the hobbling stag
England’s genealogy: the lion and the leopard
The wild pig and the tame pig
The English rose
Properties and the press
Chapter 7. Navigating tides of change: Bartholomew and the English
The Berthelet edition: ‘bycause this werke is so profitable’
English writers, English history
English foundation legends
Stephen Batman 'uppon Bartholome'
Batman’s changes
An emphasis on English history
‘The fressher writers’
Batman at home
Batman’s complaints
Batman and cosmology
‘Warning all men to the judgement’
Collecting knowledge for the nation
‘Shakespeare’s encyclopedia’
Chapter 8. Conclusion
Appendix A. British Library Manuscript Arundel 123, the contents of the codex.
Appendix B. Abridgement of ‘Properties’ in Bodleian Library Manuscript Laud Miscellany 682.
Primary sources
Secondary sources

List of Figures

Figure 1: Map of thirteenth-century Christendom showing places significant in the making, transmission and English reception of De proprietatibus rerum.
Figure 2: The 19 Books of De proprietatibus rerum.
Figure 3: The Psalter Map, British Library Additional Ms 28681, f.9 recto. Circa 1260.
Figure 4: The Psalter Map, British Library Additional Ms 28681, f.9 verso. Circa 1260.
Figure 5: Map of the world on the title page of Book 8, Bartholomeus De Proprietatibus Rerum. Printed by Wynkyn de Worde, 1495.
Figure 6: Title-page woodcut for Book 19, Bartholomeus De Proprietatibus Rerum. Printed by Wynkyn de Worde, 1495.
Figure 7: Title-page and part of Table of Contents, Bartholomeus De Proprietatibus Rerum. Printed by Thomas Berthelet, 1535. Copy BL 456.a.1 formerly owned by Joseph Banks.