The Journey of a Book

The Journey of a Book
Bartholomew the Englishman and the Properties of Things

Elizabeth Keen

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Keen, Elizabeth Joy.
Journey of a book : Bartholomew the Englishman and the
Properties of things.

ISBN 9781921313066 (pbk.).
ISBN 9781921313073 (web).

1. Bartholomaeus Anglicus, 13th cent. De proprietatibus
rerum. 2. Encyclopedias and dictionaries - Early works to
1600 - History and criticism. 3. Philosophy of nature -
Early works to 1800. I. Title.

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Map of Europe in c.1230

Map of Europe in c.1230, showing locations significant within The Journey of a Book. Approx. indications of the frontiers of Christendom (western and eastern) and Islam, and of the Mongol advance, are based on McEvedy, Colin. The New Penguin Atlas of Medieval History. London: Penguin Books, 1992, pp.73, 77.