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Plant Detectives Manual: a research-led approach for teaching plant science

Appendix D: Databases and web resources


Links mentioned in the text

The table below lists the URL of important links organised by activity (A) number. The Content and URL of the link are also indicated.


Content and URL


The Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR):


The European Arabidopsis Stock Centre (NASC):


Plant Phenomics

Teacher Resource — Plant growth and analysis activity:


Gene Networks in Seed Development:


The Seed Biology Place:


Arabidopsis thaliana: A model for the study of root and shoot gravitropism:


Seed sterilisation and plating:


Using the LI-6400 Manual


Gas exchange measurements of photosynthetic response curves:


Functional Plant Biology – ‘Notice to authors’:


The Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR)

TAIR is one of the most comprehensive Arabidopsis seed databases. Check if your institution is subscribed to the database; alternatively access NASC.


There are several ways to access the information on TAIR site:

  1. Start at the Germplasm Search ( Enter a phenotype of interest in the search box next to the words ‘phenotype/description (e.g. round leaves)’ and click on Submit Query. Alternatively, request ‘has images’ in the Restrict by Features section.
  2. Start at the ABRC Catalogue Browser ( Seed Stocks: I. Mutants: Characterized Lines. Those with camera icons beside the entries have pictures which you can consult.
  3. For a text file with all the phenotype descriptions linked to a locus, visit the TAIR FTP site: Check if your Institution is subscribed to TAIR. You may have access to an updated list.
  4. Collection of databases:

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