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A Political Memoir of the Anglo-French Condominium of the New Hebrides

Biography of Keith Woodward


Figure 1. Keith Woodward, portrait.

Source: Photograph by Fleur Woodward, July 2014.

Keith Woodward was born in Ismailia, Egypt in 1930. He was educated at Probus School, Plymouth College and Keble College, Oxford, graduating in Modern History in 1951. In 1953 he joined the British National Service in the New Hebrides as office assistant, was promoted to be Assistant Secretary in 1957, and Administrative Officer, Class A in 1970. Woodward dealt with a wide variety of administrative matters during his twenty-five years at the British Residency, including Condominium Personnel, Agriculture, District Affairs, Land, Education, Health and Constitutional Development, holding the post of Secretary for Political Affairs from 1968, until his retirement (because of failing eyesight) in 1978. He had a major part in setting up the Port Vila Cultural Centre (1961–62), and was Hon. Secretary to the Board of Management for sixteen years. He was also much involved with the introduction of Scouting (under the aegis of the British Commonwealth Scouting Movement), serving from 1956 as secretary to the Scout Council and later as Chairman. Woodward was awarded the MBE in 1964, the OBE in 1976 and the Vanuatu Independence Medal in 1980. Keith lives in retirement in Bath, UK.

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