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In the Eye of the Beholder

Appendix B: The Works of Other Australian Women Writers Referred to in this Book

Daly, Mrs Dominic 1887, Digging, Squatting and Pioneering Life in the Northern Territory of South Australia, Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington, London.

Duncan-Kemp, A M 1933, Our Sandhill Country: Nature and Man in South-Western Queensland, Angus & Robertson Ltd, Sydney.

Duncan-Kemp, Alice 1961, Our Channel Country: Man and Nature in South-west Queensland, Angus and Robertson, Sydney.

Duncan-Kemp, A M 1968, Where Strange Gods Call, W R Smith & Paterson Pty Ltd, Brisbane.

Gunn, Mrs Aeneas 1906 [1905], The Little Black Princess: A True Tale of Life in the Never-Never Land, Alexander Moring Ltd, London; Melville and Mullen, Melbourne.

Hassell, Ethel 1975, My Dusky Friends: Aboriginal life, customs, and legends and glimpses of station life at Jarramungup in the 1880s, C W Hassell, East Fremantle.

King, Ann 1929 [1918], The Richmond River Experiences of Ann King: Later on Mrs T.N. Hollingworth, and now Mrs H. Dawe, believed to be the oldest resident of the Richmond River, D S Ford, Sydney, reprinted from 1st edition, the Northern Star, Lismore, 1918.

McMaugh, Mary 192?, Pioneering on the Upper Macleay. Peeps into the Past: The Days of Yore, Chronicle Print, Wingham, NSW.

Macpherson, Mrs Allan 1860, My Experiences in Australia, Being Recollections of a Visit to the Australian Colonies in 1856–7. By a Lady, J F Hope, London.

Meredith, Louisa 1852, My Home in Tasmania, Sullivan’s Cove, Adelaide, 1979. First published as My Home in Tasmania, during a residence of nine years, by Mrs Charles Meredith, John Murray, London.

Meredith, Mrs Charles (Louisa Ann) 1973, Notes and Sketches of New South Wales During a Residence in that Colony from 1839 to 1844, Ure Smith, Sydney, in association with National Trust of Australia (NSW).

Moore-Bentley, Mary 1984, Journey to Durran Durra 1852–1885: A Story of the Bentley Family and the Gold Rush Era, Jeanne M Bow, Connells Point, NSW.

Mrs Fenton’s Tasmanian Journal 1829–1830, 1986, Sullivan’s Cove, Adelaide.

Muir, Marcie 1982, My Bush Book: K. Langloh Parker’s 1890s story of outback station life, Part Two: Based on the notebooks of an old-time squatter's wife 1879–1901, Rigby, Adelaide.

Parker, K Langloh 1905, The Euahlayi Tribe: A Study of Aboriginal Life in Australia, Archibald Constable and Co. Ltd, London.

Smith, Mrs James 1880, The Booandik Tribe of South Australian Aborigines: A Sketch of their Habits, Customs, Legends, and Language: Also: An Account of the efforts made by Mr. and Mrs. James Smith to Christianise and Civilise them, Government Printer, Adelaide.

Wallace, Mrs Abraham, (Matilda Hill) n.d., Twelve Years’ Life in Australia: From 1859 to 1871, South Australia.

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