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Name, Shame and Blame

Appendix 2. Sample Antecedent Report

Royal Papua and New Guinea Constabulary

Antecedent Report



Offence for which committed

Date when accused taken into custody

Baptismal name

Native name

Father’s name

aliases (if any)



  1. 1. Age and place of birth


  1. 2. How frequently is accused’s area patrolled
  2. 3. Recent history and degree of Administration influence in accused’s area
  3. 4. How close is the nearest Supreme Court town to accused’s area (distance and walking time)

Name of town

  1. 5. How close is the nearest mission station to the accused’s village (distance and walking time)
  2. 6. Name of mission and when established
  3. 7. Has the accused come under mission influence and if so, how long and to what extent
  4. 8. Character and standing of accused’s parents
  5. 9. Accused’s home life, upbringing and environment
  6. 10. Accused’s character whilst at school
  7. 11. Has accused received any education

and if so, where

  1. 12. Standard of education attained by accused

Accused’s degree of intelligence, and accused’s mentality (normal or otherwise)

  1. 13. Particulars of accused’s employment since leaving school
  2. 14. Particulars of accused’s service (if any) in the Defence Forces and conduct whilst a member of such Forces.
  3. 15. Marital Status. If married, date and place of marriage/s.

Whether by native custom or by a mission

Number of children and age of each child

Whether or not accused is living with and supporting his wife/wives and family/families (if not particulars of circumstances under which living and why separate)

  1. 16. Circumstances of extenuation generally
  2. 17. Circumstances of aggravation generally
  3. 18. Accused’s associates. If accused charged conjointly, particulars as to whether the accused was the principal offender or not
  4. 19. Does local custom have any special attitude to the crime charged (such attitudes may include complete indifference or abhorrence)
  5. 20. Special remarks (where special factors involving general circumstances, environment, special belief or superstitions may have bearing on the commission of the crime)
  6. 21. Has accused any other prior convictions. If so, state nature of conviction, showing date, court, charge and result
  7. 22. Brief summary of each offence of which accused has been convicted, being of a like nature to that which is the basis of the present charge

Age when first convicted Has accused been fingerprinted

Have fingerprints been sent to Criminal Investigation Bureau

  1. 23. Other relevant particulars


Six copies of the Antecedent Report must be completed, as far as possible by the arresting officer, as soon as the accused has been committed. He will forward the report to the Criminal Investigation Bureau, Port Moresby for checking and onward transmission to the Crown Solicitor, Port Moresby or (where the offence is committed in the New Guinea Islands) to the Deputy Crown Solicitor in Rabaul.

Source: This form was copied from one of the many pre-Independence Crown Prosecution files I studied in the National Archives, Port Moresby.

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