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Law and Democracy


This book has evolved from ANU College of Law, Centre for International and Public Law’s Seventeenth Annual Public Law weekend, held at The Australian National University from 20–22 September 2012.

The idea for the conference theme, ‘Law’s Challenge to Democracy/Democracy’s Challenge to Law’ was formulated through our discussions with Kim’s ANU colleague, Dr Katharine Young, who assisted us in the work associated with organising the conference. We thank her for her enthusiastic intellectual contribution to the foundations for this book.

In addition to the contributors to this collection, there were other speakers who presented at the conference, who we would also like to acknowledge. They include, in the order they presented, Michael Kirby, Simon Butt, Phillip Tahmindjis, Moeen Cheema, Darren O’Donovan, Rosalind Dixon, Carlos Bernal, Svetlana Tyulkina, Louise Parrott, Brendan Lim, Claudia Geiringer, Robyn Holder, Paul Kildea, Ron Levy, Tim Gartrell, Shireen Morris, Rowan Mcrae, Elizabeth Bowes, Mark Jennings, Tania Voon, and Tom Smyth.

We are grateful for the support of ANU College of Law, including the College Outreach and Administrative Support Team (COAST). In addition to organising the logistics of the conference, they supported the organisation around the Annual Sawer lecture, presented by Professor Adrienne Stone, and the Annual Kirby Lecture in International Law, presented by Judge Christopher Weeramantry, both held around the 2012 Public Law weekend.

Following the conference, we felt there were valuable ideas that were worth developing into a substantial research contribution. We thank each of the contributors in this volume for responding to our call of ‘expression of interest’ and for taking on this work. We thank Professor Don Anton, Chair of the ANU Press Law Editorial Board, for shepherding the publication process, and Duncan Beard, who worked as our copy editor to ensure we met ANU Press’s requirements.

Finally, we thank each of our families for the love and support they provide us in all that we do.

Glenn Patmore, University of Melbourne

Kim Rubenstein, The Australian National University

September 2014

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