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Global Warming and Climate Change: what Australia knew and buried

The legacy

Abysmal debate

The debate about the impact of human activity on climate change has been conducted on an abysmal level. The Rudd–Gillard–Rudd government comprehensively lost it by getting the politics wrong: failing to understand the fatal conjunction of inertia, self-interest, corporate power and media saturation. The relentless negativity and simplicity of the Coalition assertions, strongly supported by the Murdoch newspapers and shock-jocks on talk-back radio attacking the price of carbon ignored or derided the science and appealed to immediate economic self-interest.

Barry Jones (Commonwealth Science Minister 1983–1990), ‘He did it his way to the end’, Canberra Times, 15 November 2013, p. 4

Mother Nature will decide

Former US vice-president Al Gore:

‘We have had deniers of the climate crisis in office in the US as well. History will not be kind to those who looked away, much less those who sought to prevent [action on climate change].’

Speaking of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his government’s defunding of bodies to advise on and respond to climate change:

‘I don’t pretend to know what the basis of his thinking is, but Mother Nature has a louder voice’ he said, referring to increasing incidences of severe weather.

‘Al Gore: Mother Nature has “louder voice” than Tony Abbott’, Nick O’Malley, The Sydney Morning Herald, 12 June 2014

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