Aboriginal History, Volume 38, 2014

Aboriginal History Monograph Series

2015 (forthcoming)

Settler Governance in Nineteenth Century Victoria

Edited by Leigh Boucher and Lynette Russell


In the Eye of the Beholder: What Six Nineteenth-Century Women Tell Us About Indigenous Authority and Identity

Barbara Dawson


Dharmalan Dana: An Australian Aboriginal man’s 73-year search for the story of his Aboriginal and Indian ancestors

George Nelson and Robynne Nelson


Indigenous and Minority Placenames: Australian and International Perspectives

Edited by Ian D. Clark, Luise Hercus and Laura Kostanski

Monograph 27, 2013

Making Change Happen: Black and White Activists talk to Kevin Cook about Aboriginal, Union and Liberation Politics

Kevin Cook and Heather Goodall

Monograph 26, 2013

Edward M. Curr and the Tide of History

Samuel Furphy

Monograph 25, 2012

Black Gold: Aboriginal People on the Goldfields of Victoria, 1850-1870

Fred Cahir

Monograph 24, 2012

Country, Native Title and Ecology

Edited by Jessica K Weir

Monograph 23, 2011

In Good Faith? Governing Indigenous Australia through God, Charity and Empire, 1825–1855

Jessie Mitchell

Monograph 22, 2011

‘I Succeeded Once’ – The Aboriginal Protectorate on the Mornington Peninsula, 1839–1840

Marie Hansen Fels

Monograph 21, 2010

Passionate Histories: Myth, Memory and Indigenous Australia

Edited by Frances Peters-Little, Ann Curthoys and John Docker

Monograph 20, 2010

Racial Folly: A Twentieth-Century Aboriginal Family

Gordon Briscoe

Monograph 19, 2009

Aboriginal Placenames: Naming and Re-naming the Australian Landscape

Edited by Harold Koch and Luise Hercus

Monograph 18, 2009

The Two Rainbow Serpents Travelling: Mura Track Narratives from the ‘Corner Country’

Jeremy Beckett and Luise Hercus

Monograph 17, 2008

Indigenous Biography and Autobiography

Edited by Peter Read, Frances Peters-Little and Anna Haebich

Monograph 16, 2008

Transgressions: Critical Australian Indigenous Histories

Edited by Ingereth Macfarlane and Mark Hannah

Monograph 15, 2007

Culture in Translation: The Anthropological Legacy of RH Mathews

Edited by Martin Thomas

Monograph 14, 2007

‘The Axe Had Never Sounded’: Place, People and Heritage of Recherche Bay, Tasmania

John Mulvaney

Monograph 13, 2006

What Good Condition?: Reflections on an Australian Aboriginal Treaty 1986–2006

Edited by Peter Read

Monograph 12, 2005

Peopling the Cleland Hills: Aboriginal History in Western Central Australia, 1850–1980

MA Smith

Monograph 11, 2005

Many Exchanges: Archaeology, History, Community and the Work of Isabel McBryde

Edited by Ingereth Macfarlane

Monograph 10, 2002

The Aboriginal Population Revisited: 70 000 Years to the Present

Edited by Gordon Briscoe & Len Smith

Monograph 9, 2002

The Pajong and Wallabalooa: A History of Aboriginal Farming Families at Blakney and Pudman Creeks

Ann Jackson-Nakano

Monograph 8, 2002

The Kamberri: A History of Aboriginal Families in the ACT and Surrounds

Ann Jackson-Nakano

Monograph 7, 2001

Repossession of Our Spirit: Traditional Owners of Northern Sydney

Dennis Foley & Ricky Maynard

Monograph 6, 1998

History in Portraits: Biographies of Nineteenth Century South Australian Aboriginal People

Jane Simpson & Luise Hercus

Monograph 5, 1998

Rebellion at Coranderrk

Diane Barwick

Monograph 4, 1997

In the Best Interest of the Child? Stolen Children: Aboriginal Pain/White Shame

Link-Up (NSW) and Tikka Wilson

Monograph 3, 1996

Country: Aboriginal Boundaries and Land Ownership in Australia

Peter Sutton

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