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From ‘Stone-Age’ to ‘Real-Time’

Published by ANU Press
The Australian National University
Acton ACT 2600, Australia
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National Library of Australia Cataloguing-in-Publication entry
Title: From ‘stone-age’ to ‘real-time’ : exploring Papuan temporalities, mobilities and religiosities / Martin Slama and Jenny Munro (editors).
ISBN: 9781925022421 (paperback) 9781925022438 (ebook)
Subjects: Migration, Internal--Indonesia--Papua. Religion and culture--Indonesia--Papua. Papua (Indonesia)--Social life and customs. Papua (Indonesia)--Civilization. Papua (Indonesia)--History.
Other Creators/Contributors: Slama, Martin, editor. Munro, Jenny, editor.
Dewey Number: 995.1

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Cover illustration: An indigenous woman walking up a road in Tiom, a rapidly developing town in the central Papuan highlands, photographed in 2013 by Carole Reckinger.

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