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Change! Combining Analytic Approaches with Street Wisdom


The change project was supported and funded by the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security. It was one of the contributions of the Integration and Implementation program, led by Gabriele Bammer.

Particular thanks also go to:

  • Bernadette Hince, who copyedited all of the chapters.
  • Jessica Ford who helped organise the symposium and Peter Deane who oversaw the audiotaping of the proceedings.
  • Alison Ritter, Peter Deane and Caryn Anderson, who informed the shape of this project through a series of discussions in 2008–9.
  • Lorena Kanellopoulos, Emily Tinker, Eleanor Garran and Teresa Prowse (cover design) from ANU Press.

The symposium participants.

Front row (left to right): Jim Butler, Christine Nixon, Gabriele Bammer, Kate Carnell, Beverley Raphael. Middle row (left to right): Sarah Pearson, Simon Chapman, Mark Stafford Smith, Robyn Gillies, Bernadette Hince, Lindell Bromham, Ian MacLeod. Back row (left to right): Michael Wesley, John Reid, Grant Wardlaw, Craig Browne, Paul Griffiths, Peter McDonald. Missing: Dee Madigan, Francesca Merlan.

Source: Stuart Hay, 2013.

The change symposium.

Source: John Reid, 2013.

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