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Health of People, Places and Planet

List of Tables

Table 5.1 Subgroups of cancer, by year in Turkey (per cent). 98

Table 5.2 Distribution (per cent) of causes of death by year in Turkey. 99

Table 7.1 Changes in blood lead concentration and changes in cognitive functioning between 2, 4 and 7 years and 11–13 years 140

Table 9.1 Risk hierarchy – three levels of analysis for five risk factors. 164

Table 10.1 Australia: Estimated distribution of Aboriginal population at the time of initial European settlement and total Australian population in 2011 179

Table 10.2 Australia: Population change by remoteness area, 1996–2012. 180

Table 10.3 Australia: Population growth in long-term rainfall trend areas, 2006–11 182

Table 10.4 Potential health risks in Australian climate change hotspot areas. 185

Table 10.5 Australia: Climate change hotspot areas by SEIFA index, 2006 189

Table 10.6 Australia: Birthplace composition of hotspot areas of climate change impact, 2006 190

Table 10.7 Australia: Climate change hotspot areas – percentage of the population 65 years and over, 2006. 191

Table 10.8 Australia: Climate change hotspot areas – household characteristics, 2006 192

Table 13.1 Sugar monoculture: Deliberate human inputs and unplanned outcomes. 243

Table 13.2 Meat monoculture: Deliberate human inputs and unplanned outcomes 246

Table 13.3 Cereal monoculture: Deliberate human inputs and unplanned outcomes. 250

Table 17.1 Priority climate-sensitive health risks in Pacific Island countries. 344

Table 21.1 Number of each disaster type in the Canadian Disaster Database from 1960 through 2000 compared to the number of disasters analysed in this study 399

Table 21.2 Ratio of number of archived newspaper reports to weather-related disasters, Alberta, 1960–2000 400

Table 25.1 Interaction between extrinsic climate influences and intrinsic herd immunity (saturation) effects. 450

Table 28.1 Suburb characteristics. 497

Table 29.1 The human metagenome. 513

Table 32.1 Environmental protection enablers. 563

Table 33.1 The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change emission scenarios from the special report on emission scenarios 572

Table 33.2 The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment scenarios. 573

Table 36.1 Stages of urban evolution and characteristic environmental conditions and health issues 601

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